Needs Assessment

needs assessment

With patron and community needs always evolving and expanding, how do we know we're providing the right services? When funders ask questions we can't answer, how do we gather evidence of the library's importance? Explore various tools, surveys, or focus group methods being used by libraries to do needs assessments which inform decisions about facilities and services to serve community needs.

Most Recently Added

Research into practice: Latino Perception of Public Libraries

 Document / Last Modified: 17 August 2016

ALA 2009 presentation and associated resources on research exploring Latino perceptions of public libraries and their public-library use and on best practices for utilizing research to inform strategic planning, advocacy, and outreach.

Key Elements of a Project Plan

 Webinar / Last Modified: 21 July 2016

Part 1 of Project Management 101: Planning Your Project webinar series focused on the key elements of a project plan, produced by the Coalition to Advance Learning in Archives, Libraries, and Museums.