Young Adults & Teens

McCracken County Public Library Teen Team 2008 posing on circ desk

Today's young adults experience life with or without their library but as your community members transition from childhood to adulthood, you and your library can play a significant role in building life-long learners and library fans. Explore all facets of serving young adults and teens in your community including outreach, collection development, programming, teen volunteers and gaming.

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Photo: McCracken County Public Library, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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Resources on Libraries and Homelessness

 News / Last Modified: 16 October 2017

A collection of resources, webinars, courses, video, and articles on libraries and how they serve the homeless in their communities.

Teens as Partners: Successful Teen Services

 News / Last Modified: 01 September 2017

WebJunction recently hosted Library Journal Mover & Shaker Courtney Saldana for a webinar on her area of expertise: teen services. The information she shared was very valuable and her enthusiasm for working with teens was infectious.


How to Create a Robust STEM Library Program

 News / Last Modified: 01 September 2017

STEM learning (that's science, technology, engineering and math) seems to be on the tips of tongues everywhere from teachers to library staff to the President of the United States. But starting a new area of programming can sometimes feel daunting, e...

No Experience Required: Coding for Everyone Webinar Write-up

 News / Last Modified: 01 September 2017

Last month, Kelly Smith, founder of Prenda, led the webinar Coding for Everyone: How Your Library Can Help Anyone Learn to Code, which introduced coding as an increasingly important digital literacy skill, showed why coding is important for all ages,...

Board in the Library, Part Deux: A Progressive List of Game Types

 News / Last Modified: 06 July 2017

The scope of board games has exploded in the past 10 years. This can be a major hurdle for new gamers as well as for those stalwart librarians attempting to create a gaming environment in their library. In this article, John Pappas provides a list of...