Manage staff development

Rural Library Sustainability Training in NC

With the ever-changing nature of our work, library staff need fresh and innovative training opportunities to say current and to continue to meet the needs of our patrons. Managing staff training involves assessment of training needs, planning and evaluating staff development, and keeping on top of all the learning methods and formats available. Whether conducting training face-to-face or online, a blend of both or augmented with social media tools, managing staff learning can be the basis for a transformative and accessible learning organization for all.

Self-paced courses and webinar recordings on this topic are freely available in the WebJunction Course Catalog.

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Free April webinars for library staff

Publish Date: News / 29 March 2024

We hear from library staff that the hardest part of professional development is finding the time to learn. When we share this list of webinars each month, we know that it might be overwhelming, even daunting, to see all the opportunities. We recommen...

ARSL Leadership Institute

Publish Date: News / 16 January 2024

Leadership skills are vital to those who work in small community libraries. That’s why ARSL launched its very own Leadership Institute, with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The program is designed to provide timely, relevan...

Mental Health Resources for Libraries

Publish Date: News / 10 October 2023

Many people turn to libraries in times of crisis, and mental health issues are no exception. And while libraries are trusted havens for community members seeking resources, library staff aren’t immune to the challenges faced by community members. The...

Low Morale in Libraries: Impacts and Countermeasures

Publish Date: Webinar / 29 June 2023

Learn about important research on low morale and leave with actionable ideas for promoting a healthy work environment for all staff and cultivating empathetic leadership in libraries.

Proactive Planning for Library Staff Transitions

Publish Date: Webinar / 19 April 2023

This webinar introduces practical approaches to preserve organizational knowledge, clarify processes for current staff and trustees, and ease the learning curve for new employees.

Researching Low Morale in Libraries

Publish Date: News / 18 April 2023

Since 2017, Kaetrena Davis Kendrick has been researching the low-morale experiences among library workers. In her research, she has identified workplace factors and events that trigger low morale, the effects of low morale on physical and emotional h...

Skills for Community-Centered Libraries Curriculum Available

Publish Date: News / 23 September 2021

Like many libraries across the nation, the Free Library of Philadelphia is undergoing a paradigm shift. Increasingly, our focus is not only on extensive collections but on how we are engaging with our communities. To address this shift, the Free Libr...