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It's hard to believe January has come to an end, but we're moving on to a new month, and a fresh chance to bring some learning to your library work. This month, with 86 webinars and two all-day online conferences, covering 19 topic areas, you're sure to find a session or two that can help recharge your toolbox and bring you some fresh perspective. This list is collected by the Wyoming State Library and updated monthly on the Free Training page, where you can also view the offerings by category.

For additional training, check out the WebJunction Catalog, free and open to library staff and volunteers everywhere.

All-Day Online Events:

List of Webinars

February 1

Getting Off the Grants Hamster Wheel: Creating Revenue Streams (Erin McClarty)
This month we'll talk about the process for brainstorming and implementing new revenue streams. Open to both socially conscious businesses and charities, this webinar is for you if: You want to find ways for creating sustainability without depending entirely on donations and grants; You created a "marquee" product or service with impact and want to create new streams; You're interested in starting a charity or socially conscious business, but how you'll make money worries you.

Secrets to Make More Money for the Auction Fundraiser (Auctria)
Auctria's FREE webinar to help take your auction to new heights and raise more for your cause. As the Marketing Coordinator at Auctria, Laurie has lots of secrets to share to make your auction successful.

Three Steps to Thriving in Chaos (Effectiveness Institute)
The turbulence of current events increases stress, drains energy and reduces productivity. In this webinar you’ll learn three essential steps for not only surviving but thriving in the chaos.

February 5

Diversity in Comics (Utah State Library)
“Diversity in Comics" Amanda Jacobs Foust (Douglas County Libraries), a longtime graphic novel selector and the co-host and producer of the In the Library with a Comic Book podcast presents a unique opportunity for librarians working in any environment to learn about next-level graphic novel collection development, with a special emphasis on building diverse collections. Amanda will share her collection development best practices, favorite resources, and philosophical approach to building and curating a diverse graphic novel collection. Everyone who works with graphic novels in their library or wants to learn more about these wildly popular materials will have something to gain from this webinar. In this interactive and informative webinar, we will cover: Current state of diversity in publishing Why we need diverse comics Publishing trends and change in comics.

Fake News (Washington State Library)
Are you seeing a growing need in your community for better information literacy, especially when it comes to discerning online news? Join Di Zhang, Adult Services Librarian at The Seattle Public Library, to learn about resources and best practices for engaging students and community members around media literacy, and how to develop curriculum resources to teach about fake news.

Library Volunteers: Tapping into Community Engagement (State Library of Iowa)
Volunteerism is changing. Libraries now have the opportunity to engage highly skilled volunteers who can bring unique their expertise to bear on the library’s mission. This webinar will showcase the potential for your community whether your library is large or small. Actual success stories of innovative library volunteer engagement will be shared.

Developing a Strategic Plan for Volunteer Engagement (VolunteerMatch)
Are you engaging volunteers with an eye to the future? Do you know what your volunteer program should look like in 3 or 5 years? Join us as we talk about the fundamentals for creating a strategic plan for volunteer engagement for your organizations. This webinar will include components that should be included as well as ideas for working with organization leaders to include strategic goals for volunteer engagement in your organization's overall strategic plan.

Diverse Titles for Youth and Young Adults (Booklist)
Does your collection reflect the varied faces, beliefs, and experiences of your community? Check out Booklist’s free, hour-long webinar spotlighting diverse books for children and teens.

Early STEM Exposure Through Career-Focused PBL (Education Week/Defined STEM)
In this webinar, leaders from one school district will explain how they shifted to a career-focused project-based learning model to expose their students to STEM content and careers as early as kindergarten.

Starting Small with Project Outcome (Public Library Association)
Libraries may feel too overwhelmed with limited staff and resources to take on something new like measuring outcomes, which is why starting small and scaling up is the best method for success. Starting small helps libraries increase their staff’s comfort with and expertise in outcomes measurement; capitalize on trial-and-error learnings; and build a structure for peer support of data collection and use. Participants in this webinar will hear from a veteran Project Outcome user on their experience starting small by evaluating the library’s Small Business series and scaling up to library-wide programming.

Beyond Diversity How BIAS Could be Making or Breaking your Business (InSync Training)
BIAS – we all have it whether we are aware of it or not.  But are you aware of the Biases people may have about you and what it may costing you in your business.  In this 1 hour program, we help you gain insight into how biases are formed, and use proven tools to gain awareness and overcome these biases to drive sales, leadership effectiveness and help others opt-in.

Zoom Features (Technology & Innovation in Education)
Join TIE Learning Specialist, Julie Erickson, as she shares details about utilizing the tools of Zoom. Looking at ways of doing a screen cast that could be beneficial for students, staff, and streamlining communication.

February 6

R(e)building a Library Program with Community Feedback as Your Guide (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)
Do you have a program in your library that could use refreshing? Are you meeting resistance at changing a program that has existed for a long time in its current form? Library Management Consultant Kyla Hunt will guide you through the process of examining your library programs with an eye geared towards change. Time will be spent on how to identify a program that needs revamping, garnering responses from your community, and communicating the change to your patrons.

NCompass Live: You Make Me Want To Break Out (Nebraska Library Commission)
Escape rooms are popping up all over the country as groups go in and test their logic and problem solving in order to escape a locked, themed room. Breakouts take the idea of escape rooms and bring them into the classroom. Students and teachers of all ages can participate and all students are engaged in the lesson. After running and writing many breakouts for the past 2 years, Meredith Fickes, School Librarian at Mickle Middle School in Lincoln, will be sharing tips, tricks, and knowledge for both running and writing breakouts.

It's Not Your Imagination... Identity Conversations Really Are Different Today (Association of Library Service to Children)
Language and understanding of identity are quickly changing. We are now understanding that because we are people, we are biased. At the same time, what is normal for kids today is not the same as it was for most adults. This webinar will help you gain strategies for having meaningful conversations even when challenged by the topic.

Web Accessibility in a Nutshell (Accessible Technology Coalition)
Use of the Internet is increasingly enmeshed and vital in education, business, and daily life. However, various barriers prevent equal access and limit equal opportunity to the Web for people with disabilities. This episode of ADA Live! will highlight the basics of web accessibility including: why it is important, the ADA and other laws, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and common barriers to web access. Discover some tips and best practices to help you get started in providing more accessible and usable web applications and digital materials to a diverse audience.

How Savvy Marketing Translates to More Donations (Bloomerang)
Without great marketing, it is difficult for donors — and prospects — to feel connected to your work. Many nonprofit communicators “inherited” marketing. Often on top of the job you expected and are actually trained to do. With everything you have to juggle, priority is often placed on the “sales” and the next deadline. Marketing, however, is a critical part of fundraising. And it’s what sets up the donor for your ask. Without marketing, every call is a cold call. In this session, Beth Brodovsky will show you what savvy nonprofit marketers do to build engagement and turn it into action.

I Wish I'd Thought of That: Showcasing the Best of Fundraising Examples (Network for Good)
Ready for eye candy campaigns that make you wish YOU'D thought of that? Buckle up, buttercup. We're firing up the very best fundraising examples from budgets small and large, digital and print, social and SO MUCH MORE! Be inspired and delighted with eye-candy examples and concrete tactics you can implement in your next fundraising campaign.

Grant Trends and Common Mistakes: Make Your 2019 Applications Shine! (TechSoup)
It is not radical to say that grantseeking is a competitive process. As pools of eligible funds continue to shrink and those in need continue to grow, it is difficult for nonprofit organizations to keep their heads above water. This free webinar is here to help. We will review trends in what funders are looking for in grant applications so that you can create the strongest applications possible. In addition, we will identify common mistakes and suggest solutions and resources to help you avoid these pitfalls. We will have plenty of time for live questions and answers, so be prepared to bring your biggest concerns for discussion.

Autonomy Support: A New Approach to Managing Challenging Behavior (Early Childhood Investigations)
Increasingly, it is known that executive function skills are important in school readiness and school success, in graduation rates and workforce success. Studies have even found that young children with executive function skills are more likely to be healthier and wealthier in their 30s, regardless of their IQ or socio-economic status. That has led researchers to wonder: what do parents and teachers do to promote their children’s executive function skills. One of the important answers is Autonomy Support! Join this compelling webinar by renowned experts, Ellen Galinsky and Erin Ramsey, to find out more.

Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits (Firespring)
In this educational session, Jay will share best practices—including detailed formulas that every nonprofit should be using—to track the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts.

Balancing Books and Social Issues: Homelessness and Trauma (Infopeople)
With numerous budget cuts to social services programs, public libraries are encountering more individuals experiencing homelessness, and poverty. For many, a library may be the only place of refuge from the weather, or noise from a downtown cityscape. The increasing volume of need arising in many communities may leave library workers feeling ill-equipped or overwhelmed. During this webinar social worker Elissa Hardy will explore some solutions.

Give Them Something To Write About: Teaching Across The Curriculum With NYT-Inspired Daily Prompts (New York Times)
Every school day The New York Times Learning Network (NYTLN) publishes fresh writing prompts inspired by current New York Times articles, photography, art and even graphs. Join NYTLN editors, along with guest students and their teachers, to explore how to use our thousands of free writing prompts for everyday low-stakes writing practice across the curriculum.

February 7

Federal Data Strategies (Federal Depository Library Program)
This talk will provide insight into public domain and open data policies and how they are made. The status of open data policies in the Federal Government is changing with new laws and rulemaking. Viewers will come away with a better understanding of U.S. Federal policies and laws regarding data.

School Readiness Webinar Series, Part 2: Re-imagining School Readiness: Key Findings from Research (Infopeople)
The Reimagining School Readiness Toolkit is a suite of research-backed resources created for librarians to help families prepare children ages 0 to 8 for success in school and in life. The toolkit was developed by the Center for Childhood Creativity at the Bay Area Discovery Museum (link is external) in collaboration with the California State Library (link is external). This 4-part series of webinars will introduce librarians to the research, practical implications, and resources offered in the toolkit, which is available in its entirety for free online.

Introduction to Library Carpentry (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
How can librarians remain strong in an ever-changing landscape of new software and research skills? Get involved in “The Carpentries” by learning and eventually teaching software code to improve researcher’s data toolkits! Learn about the history of the Carpentries (Software, Data and Library) and their mission to empower the library community to use software and data in their own work.

February 11

Info2Go! STEM Maker Activities for Teens (Idaho Commission for Libraries)
Attendees will hear about low threshold Maker activities to engage teens in hands-on STEM activities in the libraries and gain access to materials and resources, including easy to follow, program guides.

Strengths-Based Communication – The Key to Building Positive Professional Relationships! (Early Childhood Investigations)
Teachers in early childhood programs are often overwhelmed by negativity, drama, and high-stress relationships. A key to creating a more positive work environment is to support teachers in developing strengths-based communication skills. This webinar will provide participants with impactful frameworks, protocols, empowering questions, and reflective exercises to help them build the skills they need to communicate effectively with their colleagues, administrators, and parents.

February 12

North American Virtual Reference Online Conference
This free, fully online event is open to all - regardless of library type or experience with virtual reference. The theme is “Fully Present Online.” The event will kick off with keynote speaker Miguel Figueroa, from the ALA’s Center for the Future of Libraries.  We'll offer two program tracks throughout the day: in-depth 45-minute sessions, or blocks of 15-minute Lightning Talks organized around a theme. Themes include: Incorporating Emerging Technologies in VR; Communication Strategies & Best Practices; Supporting Yourself & Others in a Virtual World; and Virtual Reference Services in Academic Libraries. Attendees can choose to move as they like from one track to another. Only have time in your busy day for one session? That’s ok! Take a look at the program schedule and join us when you can. All sessions will be recorded and available for later viewing by attendees.

Using Comics and Graphic Novels with Children and Teens (Texas State Library and Archives Commission)
In this one-hour webinar, Library Management Consultant Kyla Hunt will talk with Teen Services Librarian Kate Mowery about all things graphic novels, comics and manga. Time will be spent on programming ideas, collection development tips, and exploring online resources focusing on comics and graphic novels.

RA Rethink: Merchandising and Upselling (Utah State Library)
If someone told you there’s a practical and easy way to increase circulation, patron visits, program attendance and the job satisfaction of your staff, would you do it? Of course you would. Librarian Becky Spratford has developed a method you can use to accomplish all of this and it plays off of the skills, talents, and interests you already possess. She’ll explain how to deepen staff involvement in readers’ advisory in a way that gets everyone from staff to patrons excited. You are spending a lot of effort and money on cultivating good collections, but are you giving those collections a fair chance to shine?

So You Want to Write a Grant? (CharityHowTo)
In this live, interactive webinar we will discuss how grants can help your organization implement new programs or projects to best achieve its mission. We will also address the common pitfalls encountered by many organizations seeking grants for the first time as well as common challenges for new grant writers.

Let’s Get Moving in Iowa Libraries! Physical Activity Programs for Fun & Health (State Library of Iowa)
Attend this webinar to learn how, no matter your size or budget, you can do something to support physical activity. Using examples from Iowa libraries, and from around the world, this webinar will provide you with seven proven strategies you can use to develop new programs, services, and spaces at your library. The webinar will conclude by discussing how you can do these things (and more!) through community partnerships. The U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services calls upon libraries to become “Community Catalysts” and “transform how they collaborate with their communities.” Learn how you can form and sustain community partnerships to do new things in your community to get your community moving.

Large Print, Big Advantages: Strategies for Increasing Youth Literacy (Booklist)
Typically, large print is used for seniors and readers with visual impairments, but it can also advance reading skills and confidence in young readers of all abilities. Join us to learn more about the many benefits of large print for young readers. Hear how both public and school libraries are effectively implementing large print into their collections.

Biography Resources in (Wyoming State Library)
Join Chris Van Burgh for a review of the biography resources in, including Biography In Context, Britannica, LION, and others.

A Perfect Match: Future Ready Instructional Coaches and Future Ready Librarians (Future Ready Schools/Alliance for Excellent Education)
In this webinar, panelists will discuss the powerful impact that results from a partnership between instructional coaches and librarians when focus is placed not on tool or device, but instead on the learning community. They will share the examples of this partnership from the field highlighting stories, swapping tips and inspiring all of us to go back and do the same within our schools and districts.

Events in a Digital Age: How to Maximize Offline Events in an Online World (Firespring)
Events like galas, walks and auctions are critical to the fundraising (and friend-raising) strategies for most nonprofits. Want your next one to be a hit? Give it digital legs. Join us to learn how to plan your next event with digital in mind.

February 13

NCompass Live: What in the World Is Emerging Technology? (Nebraska Library Commission)
We all know that technology trends are moving at light speed. The truth is that many of these trends are here one day and gone the next. Most of this technology also isn’t particularly relevant to the library world. This presentation will dive into how to identify emerging technology that might make an impact on libraries, now or in the future.

Google Ad Grants 101 (The Digital Nonprofit)
Have you heard of Google’s Ad Grant program, where they give $10,000 a month in free advertising to nonprofits? Join us for a crash course on how Google Ad Grants can benefit your nonprofit by bringing thousands of new visitors to your website every month.

How to Segment Your Donor Base to Reveal Legacy Giving Opportunities (Network for Good)
Your best legacy gift prospects already exist in your database.  This presentation will show you why legacy giving is vital to your organization; the benefits of legacy giving to both the organization and donor and how to query your list to uncover your best prospects for legacy giving.

Online Security is More Than Just Passwords (Georgia Library Association)
This session will touch on basic cybersecurity tips for passwords and emails. After this session, attendees will appreciate the need for authentication online and be more aware of email and password issues and how best to handle them.

How to Make Your Goals Stick in 2019 (GovLoop)
How many of us have sat down on New Year’s Eve and penned a list of resolutions only to fail at following through by mid-January? Probably everyone, but there are strategies and best practices to help you achieve your full career potential year-round.

Introduction to Project Budgets (GrantSpace)
Are you ready to start fundraising for your project or idea, but don't know what and how much to ask for? If preparing a budget for your foundation grant is holding you back, come learn the basic elements of how to draft a project budget with confidence.

Reduce Waste, Build Community: Hosting Repair Events at Your Library (WebJunction)
Libraries around the world are hosting repair events, inviting people to bring damaged household items and clothing to be repaired instead of throwing them away. Repair events can help your library reach diverse communities, teach and maintain valuable repair skills, and engage with skilled volunteers and invested community partners. Help your patrons save money on electronic, mechanical or sewing repairs and divert waste from the landfill with fix-it fairs, repair cafes and U-fix-it clinics. Join us for this webinar to learn everything you need to know about hosting a repair event, from finding partners to recruiting fixers, and from getting management approval to effectively getting the word out.

7 Keys to Successful & Enthusiastic Volunteer Involvement at Your Nonprofit (CharityHowTo)
The value of volunteers can’t be ignored.  But, effective volunteer engagement requires a focus on the right tactics at the right time to fully realize the power of volunteer time and talent.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Practical Tactics to Advocate for Your Library Today (School Library Connection)
Like it or not, advocacy is not an optional activity for school librarians. Fortunately, the work involved doesn't need to be especially difficult or time-consuming, so it's time to roll up our sleeves! Come learn from three expert school library advocates who will share practical tips and ready-to-go resources to start getting key stakeholders in your corner today, from the hallway to the town hall. Dr. Ann Dutton Ewbank will discuss how to build relationships and networks to influence decision-makers at the local and state level. Dr. Deborah Rinio will talk about the importance of language and how you can craft your advocacy message to increase its impact. Finally, Stony Evans, high school teacher librarian, will share strategies for transforming the teachers in your school into powerful voices speaking on your behalf.

Integration Nation: Combining Technology and Library Media (Wyoming State Library)
Join Megan Dingman and Maggie Unterseher, Library Media Specialists in Campbell County, Wyoming, To explore technology and library media integration opportunities. This webinar will be recorded.

Gamify Your School Library (American Association of School Librarians)
You have seen gamification in a variety of settings: completing a punch card to earn a free sandwich or receiving a badge for taking a certain number of steps. The idea is to encourage brand loyalty, so how does gamification impact your school library? Games, in any form, increase motivation through engagement. This webinar demonstrates how to gamify aspects of your school library. We will explore the design process, teaching strategies, and digital tools for taking library services and instruction to the next level.

February 14

How to Create Winning Sponsorship Strategies (CharityHowTo)
The reason most organizations fail in the hunt for sponsorship dollars is the lack of a rock-solid game plan for identifying, attracting and signing sponsors. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy-to-follow roadmap to help you create winning sponsorship strategies? Join this webinar to find out how!

Shall We Engage? Tips and Considerations for a Happy Fiscal Sponsorship Relationship (Bloomerang)
This session provides an overview of fiscal sponsorship as a tool for both existing nonprofits and groups not currently recognized as public charities. Special attention will be paid to issues that arise under this arrangement related to governance, financial oversight, and fundraising. We will address practical questions and best practices should a nonprofit or group chose to pursue this arrangement. Finally, we will review key legal and contractual provisions in a fiscal sponsorship arrangement along with a sample fiscal sponsorship agreement.

Enhancing Your Intelligence Agency Information Resources IQ: Part 6: Justice Department, Federal Courts and Congressional Committee Resources (Federal Depository Library Program)
Gain enhanced awareness and understanding of the intelligence-related information resources produced by Justice Department entities such as the FBI, National Security Division, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and the House and Senate Select Intelligence Committees.

Sleeper Hits for Spring (Library Journal)
This webcast will present lots more fun-to-read titles from both debut authors and veterans that you should put on your reading list now. Register for the next edition of our sleeper hits webcasts to find out what you’ll be reading this spring.

Fighting fake news: using NewsGuard as a free research aid and news literacy tool (North Dakota State Library)
The proliferation of fake news has clouded the digital landscape and made news literacy an essential skill for students and adults alike. NewsGuard, a company founded by a team of veteran journalists, has created a free tool to help people better navigate search results and social media feeds. In this webinar, NewsGuard will demonstrate how libraries have been using NewsGuard's browser extension to help their patrons surf the internet and conduct research with more knowledge of the credibility and transparency of websites producing their news.

Web Accessibility Update: Ruling Reversals, Insights, and Tips (edWeb)
At the end of 2018, the U.S. Department of Education reversed a ruling, leading to the reopening of hundreds of web accessibility complaints submitted to the Office of Civil Rights. Don’t panic! This edWebinar will help you better understand the regulations and proactively work towards meeting web accessibility standards.

The Landscape of Project Management Tools for Nonprofits (Idealware)
Join us on Thursday, February 14, as we present findings from our new report, The Landscape of Project Management Tools for Nonprofits. We’ll look at the wide range of software on the marketplace to get a better sense of what these systems are capable of, what they cost, and how effective they are for nonprofits.

Learning About Robotics: Examples and Discussions for K–8 and Beyond (edWeb)
This edWebinar will offer a short historical review of the field, links to free resources for teachers to draw on when introducing the subject of robotics, and provide real world stories and examples from the industry today that can be shared in the classroom to make the subject more relatable and authentic.

February 19

Libraries and Incubators (EveryLibrary and the International Business Innovation Association)
This free event will bring libraries and other innovation ecosystem builders to share insights and best practices about business development. If you are a librarian interested in connecting with e-ship best practices or if you run an incubator or accelerator and want to connect with the business reference resources and expertise of your local library, this webinar is for you.

How to Use Social Media to Raise Money Online (Nonprofit Tech for Good)
Packed with practical, how-to advice and examples for small nonprofits on a limited budget, this free webinar will show you how to leverage your social media accounts to raise money and strengthen relationships with donors so they give again.

Cybersecurity in Low-Risk Organizations: Understanding Your Risk and Making Practical Improvements (TechSoup)
Mission-driven organizations often need support in identifying and fending off basic online threats. For organizations with decentralized operations or a wide volunteer base, proper connectivity is crucial. However, many organizations want to establish an online presence quickly, and they ignore basic security steps, such as using a formal identity system or multifactor authentication.

Everything's Coming up YA (Booklist)
The first hint of the spring season has arrived, and we’re here to help you keep your YA collections fresh.

Teaching Historical Fiction with Primary Sources (Follett)
Teaching with historical fiction is the perfect way to bring those events to life for students. Primary sources can often seem dated or unconnected to the modern life of our students, but through the lens of a narrative, we see the context that allows us to make those connections between the past and the present.

February 20

NCompass Live: Crafting Relevant Community Partnerships Using Archives (Nebraska Library Commission)
Historically, archives have told the stories of the dominant society. Increasingly, archives are exploring and filling some of the silences left by the exclusion of many voices. Oral history is a way of actively collecting stories which may not exist in written form. Both the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s LGBTQ+ Voices: The Queer Omaha Archives Oral History Project and the University of Nebraska at Kearney Archives and Special Collections’ Coming to the Plains: Latin@ Stories in Central Nebraska project engage members of diverse communities in telling their own stories. Find out more about these projects during this webinar.

Making Sense of Numbers: Understanding Risks and Benefits. Learning How to Communicate Health Statistics (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Numeracy literacy is not only a problem for individuals receiving health information but also for those providing information that contain numbers. This class is a basic introduction for anyone who wants to understand how to communicate health information that involves numeracy.

Tear Down This Wall: Find & Remove Barriers to Library Use (Colorado State Library)
Join us for this interactive session to discuss how to find out who isn’t coming to your library and why, and talk through strategies for breaking down road blocks that some members of your community have to enable them to become more active library patrons.

Mindful Leadership: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Academic Library Information Literacy Program (Association of College & Research Libraries)
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are not just politically correct buzzwords; they are complex ideas that should be addressed by leaders of instruction programs. Mindful leadership involves the thoughtful reflection about and integration of practices that support DEI in our work as instructional librarians. This webinar offers a panel discussion and question-and-answer session examining DEI through the lens of management and leadership featuring four well-known specialists.

Breezing Along with the RML (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Have you been pondering your 2019 professional development? Are you wondering how other librarians in the region decide when selecting development opportunities? This month we are featuring three MCR network members who will share their experiences from recent conferences and trainings.

February 21

Get Started Using Website Analytics to Improve Your Online Fundraising (Smart Cause Digital)
Join them for an information-packed webinar specifically created for nonprofit communicators and fundraisers!

Deep Dive into COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5 (Library Connect)
In this instructional webinar, you’ll learn more about the COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5 (COP5), which goes into effect in January 2019. Lorraine Estelle, COUNTER Project Director, will highlight key points in the development of the new release, touching on metric types and new reports. Then Elena Zapryanova-Hadjinikolova, COUNTER Executive Committee and Director Analytics, Elsevier, will take you step-by-step through the new reports and familiarize you with their use cases.

Creative and Innovative Recognition Strategies for Today's Volunteers (VolunteerMatch)
Are you doing the right things to recognize the work volunteers do for your organization? Are your recognition strategies and events stuck in the past? In this webinar we'll discuss what motivates today's volunteers and discuss strategies for matching recognition to motivation. We'll also share examples and ideas to incorporate creative and meaningful recognition into your volunteer engagement strategy.

How to Create a School Makerspace (Demco)
This webinar will cover the basics of starting, outfitting, and maintaining a makerspace at your school. Based in part on his best-selling book, Your Starter Guide to Makerspaces, Nicholas Provenzano will share all of his favorite tips, tricks, and tools to help you as you venture into the world of making.

Stay Mentally Alert and Sane: Government Resources For Good Mental Health (Federal Depository Library Program)
This webinar will offer information on where to find resources on mental health including the National Institute of Mental Health, PubMed, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Information on how to help patrons who may have mental health issues will also be presented. Resources in other languages about mental health will be included.

Superpatients: Patients Who Extended Science When All Other Options Were Gone (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
In his forthcoming book Superpatients, Dave deBronkart, cancer survivor and co-founder of the Society for Participatory Medicine, tells stories of patients who have (literally) extended science when all other options were gone. What do these "superpatients" need and want to achieve their goals in health and treatment? Additionally, what does it mean for the future of medical librarians?

Using Social Media as a Tool to Advocate Diversity and Inclusion (Infopeople)
Social media is a great way to start dialogue and conversations about a variety of topics and to meet customers where they are. This webinar will demonstrate how to use humor, pop culture, children’s materials, and more, to advocate for diverse communities, and to speak up when necessary.

The Elephant in the Room: Helping Your Community Navigate the Financial Aspects of Healthcare (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
In this hour-long webinar we’ll explore the four components of financial health literacy and how librarians can support education and awareness to empower health consumers as they navigate complex issues of terminology, insurance, unexpected costs and financial barriers to healthcare. Better understanding the financial aspects of healthcare provides one key to unlocking health equity and wellness.

February 22

Big Talk From Small Libraries 2019
This FREE one-day event is a great opportunity to learn about the innovative things your colleagues are doing in their small libraries. GoToWebinar login instructions will be e-mailed to registered attendees the day before the conference.

February 26

Early Childhood Expertise Beyond Libraryland: Reading Life Between the Lines: Using Children's Literature for Tough Conversations About Diversity (Association of Library Service to Children)
We all know that diversity and inclusion are vital topics for our libraries and our democracy, but it can be hard to know how to approach this topic with young children and their families. In this workshop, Dr. Michelle H. Martin will provide attendees with strategies for using children’s literature to engage readers of all ages with questions of identity and difference. Dr. Martin will help participants increase their cultural competence for work with young people.

Funding Information Network (FIN) Information Session (GrantSpace)
Join Brian Schultz, manager of the Funding Information Network at Foundation Center, to learn how the Funding Information Network program can help your nonprofit resource center, community foundation, or library support your local nonprofit and small business economy.

Re-Energize your Volunteer Program by Designing Mission-Driven Opportunities (VolunteerMatch)
Too often organizations look at volunteer engagement as something that's nice to have, and never realize the true potential of volunteers. But, our organizations become more successful, responsive, and effective when we look at volunteers as a key component to our organization's success. In this session we'll discuss creating a connection between the work volunteers do and the mission of your organization. You'll learn how to design volunteer opportunities with real impact, and how to tell the story of that impact both within your organization and to your community. Attendees will leave with sample mission-driven position descriptions and a worksheet to help craft their organization's story of volunteer engagement.

Help Teens Build Financial Wellbeing at Your Library (WebJunction)
oin us to learn how to help your teen patrons become empowered to navigate their financial futures. As children grow, their potential to manage money and understand financial concepts grows as well. The knowledge, skills, and behaviors kids learn when they are young lay the groundwork for their financial well-being as adults, and libraries can play a role in building these important financial literacy skills.

Building Community Around Essential Literacy Experiences (Education Week/Fountas & Pinnell)
Join literacy leaders Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell as together they explore the essential literacy experiences that are critical for nurturing lifelong readers and writers.

Libraries Building Climate Disruption Resilience: For Ourselves, and Our Patrons (Online Education Committee of ALA’s Sustainability Round Table)
Bob Doppelt is the author of Transformational Resilience: How Building Human Resilience to Climate Disruption Can Safeguard Society and Increase Wellbeing. He will focus on how individuals and groups can build capacity to cope with and use adversities generated by climate change as catalysts to learn, grow and flourish. There will be time for Q& A, discussion, sharing ideas for resources, services and programming. At 3:00 ET.

February 27

NextGen Professional Development Virtual Summit: Advance your Gov Career (GovLoop)
How will you move to the next phase in your career? In order to help you achieve your professional development goals, you’re invited to participate in this webinar to hear from government and career experts about how to become a better, more well-rounded and productive employee.

When Copyright and Cultural Collections Converge (Connecting to Collections)
This webinar provides a practical introduction to U.S. copyright law, the public domain, and fair use, as well as touching upon parallel intellectual property rights to consider, such as privacy and publicity rights. Additionally, attendees will be presented with methodologies to navigate the myriad licensing options and ever-changing uses affecting collections, including determining rights status, identifying rights holders, and applying rights statements, Open Access, and Creative Commons licenses to collection objects.

What's New in Children's Literature - 2019 (Infopeople)
Join us for our annual review of what’s new in children’s literature, both new authors and old favorites, that you can recommend to a child – especially when you are busy! This webinar can help you discover new books that you can offer to children who use your library, including books that reflect the diversity of the children we serve.

Social-Emotional Learning in the Library (edWeb)
In this edWebinar, Michelle Luhtala, Library Department Chair at New Canaan High School, CT, will explore the many ways in which school librarians can support their learning communities through co-teaching, making, reading, and more.

February 28

How School and District Leaders Can Create the Conditions for Innovation and Change (Future Ready Schools/Alliance for Excellent Education)
Leadership and school culture lay the foundation of successful schools. For digital learning to thrive, school and district leaders need to create conditions that empower teachers to take risks and try new things. Veteran Principal and Future Ready Advisor, Jimmy Casas, will discuss how school leaders can create cultures of innovation in their schools.

Health Statistics on the Web (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
This hands-on course focuses on the location, selection, and effective use of statistics relevant to health on the local, state, national, and international levels. The importance and relevance of health statistics in various contexts will be discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the features and scope of several statistics Internet resources through the use of numerous exercises.

Grants and Proposal Writing (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Designed for beginners, this class presents a general overview of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine grant process, as well as tips for writing a successful proposal. The one-hour webinar will address: documenting community need; identifying the target population; writing measurable objectives; and developing an evaluation plan.

Standards at Your Fingertips: AASL Standards Mobile App for School Library Educators (American Association of School Librarians)
This session, dedicated to the AASL Standards Mobile App, defines some of the most appropriate uses for school library educators. We will clarify and explain the content of the app and its use as a companion tool to the print publication of the National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries.