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WebJunction is the learning place for libraries.


WebJunction builds the knowledge, skills and confidence of library staff

to power strong libraries that are the heart of vibrant communities. A program of OCLC Research, WebJunction is free and welcome to all libraries to use, regardless of size, type or location.

What do we believe about learning?

    It is continuous.

    Mindset matters.

    It’s better when active and social.

    It takes time.

    Quality is key.

    It has impact.

How does WebJunction scale learning?

We bring people together to share. We give time and space for library staff to listen to and learn from peers from across the U.S. and beyond. We encourage library workers to share their know-how, problem solve together, and built a support network across the miles. WebJunction listens too, and we incorporate real solutions from libraries across the world into our training programs.

We make learning practical and flexible. WebJunction training offers pragmatic ideas and examples that can be replicated, modified and customized for individual libraries and communities. We find successful training pilots and adapt the curriculum, resources, formats, and delivery methods; then we spread the learning far and wide.

We partner. Through OCLC's collaborations with other organizations, we bring more learning to more people.

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"I just wanted to personally thank you for the great webinars that I have had the opportunity to participate in since discovering you in the past year. I see a wealth of stimulating conversation in these presentations. The topics have been so relevant, the presenters so knowledgeable, that I’ve run the risk of overstimulation! It is an exciting time for libraries, I think. Thanks to WebJunction and OCLC for offering these events providing an instructive & informative basis for innovative beginnings."

– Email from webinar attendee

“WebJunction is an invaluable source that I have come to rely on and feel so fortunate to have. Not only does it build my confidence to know there are courses offered directly related to my position within the library now, but it’s my career advancement plan whenever the opportunity arises. Knowing that I can come to WebJunction and look for refresher courses for a new position or sessions to help me implement new ideas in my current profession, is empowering. I treasure the webinars on WebJunction and ... I am a better librarian because of it.

– Member survey respondent