Our supporters

WebJunction strongly believes that collaboration is the way to achieve greater impact.

The following organizations have provided grant funding to WebJunction to deliver specific programs that magnify the collective power of public libraries. These programs have served, for example, Spanish-speaking communities, job seekers and the unemployed, our nation’s uninsured, and those who lack computer skills or access to the internet. The resources and materials developed through these projects are made freely available through WebJunction.org.

Program partners

WebJunction has worked with a variety of organizations in the delivery of our services and grant-funded programs. We seek out partners who bring subject matter expertise that will benefit the participants and resources that are developed for our programs, and who can extend the reach of our services. Examples of these partners include:


WebJunction and Infopeople collaborated on the IMLS-funded project, Strengthening Continuing Education Content for Libraries. This project includes the design and delivery of a training program that focused on the value of online learning and strategies for producing quality, cost-efficient, learning content that can be built, shared and sustained via online tools and platforms. Infopeople is the training arm of the California State Library and provides access to training to all members of the library community.

Learn more at Infopeople.org

Association for Rural & Small Libraries

Through a grant from IMLS, WebJunction and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries (ARSL) have partnered on Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces. This program is supporting 15 small and rural public libraries from across the country as they reimagine and reconfigure their libraries into smart spaces. WebJunction also hosts quarterly webinars in collaboration with ARSL, providing learning opportunities focused on the needs of rural and small libraries.

Learn more at ARSL


TechSoup Global and TechSoup for Libraries contribute valuable articles and resources to WebJunction. TechSoup webinar archives can also be viewed through the WebJunction course catalog. TechSoup for Libraries is a nonprofit devoted to making technology and technology education available and affordable to nonprofits and libraries all over the world.

Learn more at TechSoup.org

Free access to library-specific courses through WebJunction

Access to WebJunction’s library-specific courses is available for free to all library workers and volunteers. Through the generous support of OCLC and many agencies across the U.S., WebJunction provides timely and relevant learning content for you to access anytime, from anywhere. Simply create an account at learn.webjunction.org, and then explore the catalog of library-focused self-paced courses and webinars. Certificates of completion will be available to you after you have completed any course or webinar that you enroll in from the catalog.

WebJunction will continue to grow its catalog of learning content, and will add new resources on topics of high interest on webjunction.org. Please be sure you are subscribed to Crossroads, the e-newsletter that spotlights new learning programs and professional development opportunities.

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