Our Services

You're helping your library staff. How can we help you?

We can support your organization’s training initiatives and grant-funded projects.

Here are the services we provide:

  • Consult on creation of a training program that features any of the following:
  • Train staff on online learning best practices:
    • How to produce a high-quality webinar that supports library learning
    • Designing an online training program
    • How to create a self-paced learning webinar
    • How to facilitate an online training program or community of practice

  • Design and deliver an online training program for a specific project. This includes management of registration, live sessions, evaluation, online community of practice, and certificates of completion that may meet CEU requirements.
  • Host your webinar including all preparation and production, and evaluation steps.
  • Promote and provide ongoing access to your training content to our widespread user community of library learners, through WebJunction’s Course Catalog and website.

To discuss any of these options, please contact Sharon Streams at streamss@oclc.org.

Library Trainers say:

"We have lots of small public libraries and the librarians that serve them are rarely able to travel for networking and training. We needed a way to begin to connect librarians to online training and learning resources."

"By leveraging existing course content and using it with the online facilitated discussions, the trainers were able to create a valuable learning experience for participants without the immense time required to develop new content."