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Many people turn to libraries in times of crisis, and mental health concerns are no exception. And while libraries are trusted havens for community members seeking resources, library staff aren’t immune to the challenges faced by community members. The added stress of acting as information first responders throughout the crises of the past several years has led to increased feelings of burnout and low morale among library staff.

Addressing these deeper issues will likely take time and immense resources, but in the meantime it’s important to seek balance between taking good care of ourselves and offering support to our community members. This collection of resources can inform and support the work you’re already doing to serve your community, and help support your own well-being as you continue the important work you’re doing in the process.

Staff Training and Support Resources

While much of our work centers on offering support and resources to community members, it’s important to consider our own well-being, too. These articles and training materials focus on issues that affect library staff and possible solutions.




  • From Burnout to Balance: Identify burnout causes, manage stress, and boost emotional resilience with this course. There’s something for everyone here, but managers at libraries, archives, or museums will develop skills to promote teamwork, communication, and mutual support in the workplace.
  • De-escalation Strategies: Learn how to intervene in conflict effectively, enforce policies proactively, and promote an environment where everyone feels secure and valued.
  • Coping with Change: Learn strategies and skills to mitigate the unsettling aspects of change and help you cope and capitalize on that change.
  • Having fun at Work Again: Learn strategies to cope with increasing pressures and cultivate a fun and meaningful work experience for everyone.

Resources to Support Patrons


Courses and Webinars


  • Empathetic Leadership: Titles centered on innovative and compassionate leadership. This list was created in collaboration with WebJunction webinar presenters, Kaetrena Davis Kendrick and Sunnie Scarpa.
  • Supporting Student Mental Health Awareness with Books: This Read Across America book list is geared towards students dealing with mental health issues and difficult feelings related to grief, anxiety, isolation, and more.
  • Mental Health in the Library: This American Libraries Magazine list features a handful of books on mental health, self-care, and mindfulness in libraries.

Additional Resources and Reading