Access & Equity

Black Lives Matter demonstrators gather in Baltimore (MD)

Access & Equity are broad areas for libraries and they encompass many issues. This includes, among so much more, making sure your facility is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, serving patrons on the autism spectrum, building a diverse collection, and creating a welcoming environment that represents your entire community no matter ethnicity, heritage, gender identity or sexual orientation.   

Self-paced courses and webinar recordings on this topic are freely available in the WebJunction Course Catalog.

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Most Recently Added

Libraries at the Disaster Preparedness Table

Publish Date: News / 3 August 2022

Libraries have an important role to play in disaster response planning, and their contributions are welcomed at community disaster preparedness exercises. Building on its Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice foundational course series, WebJunctio...

Engaging Adults with Low Literacy Levels

Publish Date: Webinar / 7 July 2022

This webinar explores the characteristics of adults with low literacy levels and provides strategies for library staff to support reading literacy in adults.

How to Run an Expungement Clinic at Your Library

Publish Date: News / 28 June 2022

Staff at the Worcester County Library (MD) were offering workforce development services for their community when they learned how many patrons encounter roadblocks due to their previous criminal history. Staff also knew that expungement–the process b...

Legal Expungement Assistance by State

Publish Date: News / 20 June 2022

This list of Legal Services by state is a starting point for partnering with a legal service that offers pro bono expungement work, or can refer patrons to someone who does, and is willing to meet virtually.