Access & Equity

Black Lives Matter demonstrators gather in Baltimore (MD)

Access & Equity are broad areas for libraries and they encompass many issues. This includes, among so much more, making sure your facility is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, serving patrons on the autism spectrum, building a diverse collection, and creating a welcoming environment that represents your entire community no matter ethnicity, heritage, gender identity or sexual orientation.   

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Social Library, Antiracism Edition

Publish Date: News / 2 July 2020

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Social Work Students and Public Library Partnerships

Publish Date: Webinar / 29 April 2020

This webinar will provide information on how libraries can collaborate with social work interns and programs, to provide critical services to community members and training and support for library staff.

Library as a Social Assistance Office

Publish Date: News / 20 February 2020

With a determined stride and a big smile, Ida Abolins walks over to the writing desk at the window of the library in San Francisco and asks a young man bending over a pile of paper, "How are you doing?"

Overlooking the lavish City...

Civil Legal Justice: The Crucial Role of Libraries

Publish Date: Webinar / 11 February 2020

In this webinar, learn about the ways public libraries can address the justice gap, connecting people with information as they navigate the complexities of the legal system.