Partnerships & Collaboration

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When the library builds partnerships, it strengthens the ties to its community, shares resources, and builds positive relationships with diverse stakeholders. Reaching out to initiate community partnerships begins with identifying both traditional and non-traditional partners and exploring new ways to work together. Effective collaborations are sustained through a shared commitment to serving the ever-changing needs of the community.

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How to Host a Human Library

Publish Date: News / 20 December 2022

Drag Queen. Refugee. Bipolar. Retired military. These are examples of titles on a very different type of bookshelf at a Human Library event. The Human Library nonprofit created this global learning experience in 2000 to facilitate dialogue between co...

Build New Community Connections with Partnership Marketing

Publish Date: News / 13 December 2022

Most high-level library marketing goals aim to expand services into new communities and increase engagement with current users. But traditional library marketing is often geared toward reaching people who already know and love the library. Partnershi...

Resources for Social Work and Library Collaboration

Publish Date: News / 28 November 2022

Library staff are known for their resourcefulness and commitment to adapting to help community members in need. But as the scope of library services has expanded to address complex social needs that aren’t being met elsewhere, it can feel overwhelmin...

Civil Legal Issues of Natural Disasters Persist, but Change over Time

Publish Date: News / 21 November 2022

What do document replacement, contractor scams, and lease terminations have in common? They are all examples of civil legal issues that can stem from a natural disaster, and questions about these could show up at your library’s reference desk. Patron...

Resources for Helping Unhoused Patrons

Publish Date: News / 10 November 2022

Libraries are central to our communities, as places where anyone is welcome to gather, connect, and learn, but for some members of our community, they represent much more than that. For many people experiencing homelessness, the library might be the ...

Libraries & Veterans National Forum Toolkit

Publish Date: News / 25 October 2022

Veterans, military service members, and their families are among users of virtually every library across the country. Indeed, libraries play a significant role in supporting veterans and military-affiliated patrons by welcoming them to the community,...