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Transforming Lives with Adult Literacy Programs

Publish Date: News / 23 August 2023

When people think about how libraries support literacy, the first thing that comes to mind is often a children’s storytime or a bustling summer reading program. At Harrie P. Woodson Memorial Library in Caldwell, Texas, you’ll certainly find these pro...

Introducing a School Librarian's Information Shelf

Publish Date: News / 9 May 2023

School librarians and staff help prepare all students for success. A shifting educational landscape presents new opportunities and challenges, requiring fresh approaches to the important work of empowering students. Learn more about a School Libraria...

Learn Free with the Goodwill Community Foundation

Publish Date: News / 7 June 2022

Next time you drop your yard sale rejects off at the local Goodwill, take a moment to think about what they do with the proceeds from their retail stores. You may be surprised to find out about the numerous programs they support that provide educatio...

Skills for Community-Centered Libraries Curriculum Available

Publish Date: News / 23 September 2021

Like many libraries across the nation, the Free Library of Philadelphia is undergoing a paradigm shift. Increasingly, our focus is not only on extensive collections but on how we are engaging with our communities. To address this shift, the Free Libr...

Learning Group Facilitation Guide

Publish Date: News / 3 May 2021

Learning groups can enrich a self-paced course experience, creating opportunities for idea sharing, community building, and accountability as participants progress through course material together. This learning group facilitation guide provides a fr...

Delivering Engaging Online Learning: Enlivening the Virtual Environment

Publish Date: News / 2 February 2021

This article is part of the Delivering Engaging Online Learning series on strategies for cultivating dynamic, engaging online virtual learning experiences. Libraries of all types—K-12, public, university, and more—are exploring various forms of onlin...