Supercharged Storytimes for All

WebJunction Expands on Successful Early Literacy Training

WebJunction is updating and expanding its successful Supercharged Storytimes pilot project. This new project, called Supercharged Storytimes for All, is made possible by the financial support of the Institute of Museum and Library Services and OCLC. The program launched November 2017 and runs through April 2019.

Expanded curriculum

Saroj Ghoting, early literacy instructor, has collaborated with WebJunction to expand the program’s core curriculum to cover foundational early literacy concepts and alignment with other library training that educates parents and caregivers about their role in supporting early literacy. CiKeithia Pugh, Early Learning Program Manager at The Seattle Public Library contributes important content on how to supercharge storytimes through an equity lens. Additional project partner, The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, provides supporting resources on effective community outreach to children and families from diverse backgrounds to the program. Finally, the course will includes instruction on using Project Outcome evaluation tools to capture the community impact of programming and services.

Wider availability

Supercharged Storytimes for All is creating a free and openly accessible training program that will be disseminated in three key ways:

How can I stay up-to-date on program activities and resources?

Learn more in the Project Launch Announcement. Additional project news and details on how to participate in Supercharged Storytimes for All will be announced in WebJunction’s e-newsletter Crossroads. Not a subscriber yet? Sign up here.

This project is funded in part by OCLC and by the Institute of Museum and Library Services [grant number RE-95-17-0085-17] and made possible through collaboration with Project Outcome and the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.


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