Readymade Course Content

Last Modified: 06 August 2015
This article describes the technical approaches to capturing the content for each model. Each model links to an example of a fully-developed course, which will give you ideas about how to augment the core content.

SCEC: Final Courses

Last Modified: 29 September 2014
The final courses created by SCEC participants. Course summaries include descriptions, objectives, designers, subject matter experts, and other information.

Battledecks! 2010

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
Four presenters, Janie Hermann, Angie Manfredi, Toby Greenwalt and Michael Sauers, present a deck of 12 slides in 5 minutes. The twist? They've never seen the slides before!

Computer Lab Setup

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
Here are some ideas and handy illustrations on how to set up a computer lab or training room. This document can be used in conjunction with the Training Strategies Class Handouts series.

Guiding Ohio Online: Volunteer Technology Instructor Training

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
Guiding Ohio Online is an AmeriCorps program that places members in rural Ohio libraries to deliver digital literacy training through computer classes, one-on-one computer assistance, outreach, and volunteer recruitment.

Mentoring: Leadership as a Subversive Activity

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
This article explores how mentoring in libraries can serve to build leadership by integrating learning into the structure of our work and through the development of supportive relationships, and learning organizations.