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The purpose of compiling competencies for library practice is to help libraries of all sizes and types build the foundation of competencies that will help them to develop staff skills and knowledge and ultimately to help meet the needs of the community. Take a look at competency sets from around the library field and learn how competencies can be applied in your library.

Competencies evolve as communities, libraries, and demands on staff evolve. The updated WebJunction Competency Index for the Library Field 2014 reflects that evolution, with increased emphasis throughout on 21st century skills, accountability, and community engagement.

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Competency Index for the Library Field 2014

Publish Date: Document / 19 March 2015

An updated edition of the WebJunction compilation of competency statements that address a broad spectrum of library service and practice. Updated December 2014.

How to Traverse the World of Accents

Publish Date: News / 23 September 2014

Have you encountered patrons who speak perfect English but with accents you are not familiar with? Have you asked them to repeat themselves so that you can address their queries? Have you felt distressed about not being able to reach your patrons hal...

The International Language of Competencies

Publish Date: News / 3 June 2014

WebJunction's Competency Index for the Library Field was conceived primarily as a foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes for U. S. public libraries. Since the first publication in 2009 and continuing with the updated 2014 edition, the...

Community Library Capacity Assessment

Publish Date: Document / 3 June 2014

This is a competency-based assessment tool to measure library staff skills, knowledge and relationships, developed by the Honduras and Guatemala Riecken Foundation