Customer Service

Customer Service at the Circ Desk

As our profession contemplates the future of libraries, a recurring theme surfaces: that the public trust and faith in the institution is not so much about information retrieval or document management as it is about the intangibles—the relationships, the place, the environment for learning. It is top-notch customer service that will sustain and grow libraries. Explore here the resources on communication, creating patron-focused spaces, customer service practices and dealing with difficult patrons.

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A Delicious Library Collaboration

Publish Date: News / 23 May 2023

Running a restaurant is no easy task. And while libraries do a lot of things amazingly well, being a restaurant operator on top of all that is a tricky proposition. But when has a challenge ever stopped a library? This is certainly the case for Toled...

Partner with Indie Authors to Share Diverse Stories

Publish Date: News / 25 April 2023

Despite efforts to increase representation in publishing, the industry remains predominantly white. Authors of color often face a range of challenges, including difficulty finding literary agents, limited access to publishing opportunities, and insuf...

Hunger-Free Libraries: Food Pantries and Fridges

Publish Date: News / 4 April 2023

Food insecurity is a problem that has drawn increasing attention in recent years. Libraries have a long, rich history of partnering with government and nonprofit agencies to help improve food access, and lately they have been helping in new and creat...

Universal Design at Your Library

Publish Date: Webinar / 31 March 2023

This presentation will introduce the principles of Universal Design and offer concrete advice for how to apply each of the principles at any library.

Creating a Restorative Library Culture

Publish Date: Webinar / 22 March 2023

Learn about restorative justice and restorative practices, and how to build relationships that can help to address and repair harm done.

Library Policies for Today’s Communities

Publish Date: Webinar / 22 February 2023

View this webinar to learn the importance of crafting clear policies for your library, to help establish and set standards that ensure equity and safety for both staff and patrons.