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Though legal issues can feel intimidating for library staff, public libraries are well positioned to help patrons with civil legal questions by providing more access points to legal information and services. A wide range of resources and examples are available to help support library staff in both connecting with local and regional experts, and developing their own skills in answering these essential reference questions.

Eviction Resources for Libraries: A new collection of resources focused on strengthening library staff’s ability to respond to eviction questions with confidence.

Learn more about WebJunction’s project with Legal Services Corporation, Improving Access to Civil Legal Justice through Public Libraries, and access the free four-part course series, Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice, available in the WebJunction Course Catalog

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Successful Partnership Model Provides Legal Assistance Across Colorado

Publish Date: News / 16 December 2021

Ric Morgan is a humble man who brushes off any accolades to himself and gives all the credit to librarians. “Go give the librarians a hug. Thank the librarians, they’re the ones who make this all possible!” Morgan is referring to successes of the Vir...

December 8, Libraries and Eviction: Continuing the Conversation

Publish Date: News / 8 December 2021

Building on a recent webinar, this special interactive session will provide an opportunity for attendees and guest panelists to share questions and experiences about how libraries are assisting patrons patrons facing eviction.

Eviction Resources for Libraries

Publish Date: News / 17 November 2021

Housing insecurity is widespread, in part due to unemployment and related financial issues during the COVID-19 pandemic. The civil legal process of eviction is complex and can be confusing to renters and landlords alike. People experiencing eviction ...

Glossary of Eviction Terms

Publish Date: News / 4 November 2021

This glossary defines key terms in the eviction process in plain English.

Five Phases of Eviction

Publish Date: News / 4 November 2021

While the details of the eviction process are determined by state, county or local laws, the general phases of eviction are consistent. This document provides an excellent overview, with particular attention to the earlier phases when eviction is mor...

CFPB Resources: Helping Patrons with Rental Assistance

Publish Date: News / 4 November 2021

This job aid is for library staff assisting patrons (both renters and landlords) who are inquiring about or applying for rental assistance through the federal Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program.

Libraries as Legal Aid Connectors in Eviction Crisis

Publish Date: News / 5 October 2021

As part of the Improving Access to Civil Legal Justice initiative, OCLC’s WebJunction will deliver resources that focus on strengthening library staff’s ability to respond to eviction questions with confidence and close the justice gap in their commu...