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Reference services continue to evolve with changing patron needs and with varied information resources and formats. Libraries continue to provide unparalleled reference using traditional and emerging tools, formats and resources. Explore topics such as answering health and legal questions, reaching out beyond the reference desk, and innovations in digital or virtual reference.

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Taking Civil Legal Programming to the People

Publish Date: News / 23 June 2021

While many libraries have had to limit in-person services during the pandemic, the importance and demand for civil legal information related to unemployment or eviction continues to be a pressing concern. A national moratorium on evictions is expecte...

Learning Groups for Creating Pathways for Civil Legal Justice Courses

Publish Date: News / 10 June 2021

While the four Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice courses are designed for the individual, self-directed learner, they also can be used as the core learning content for a group learning experience with peers – from a small, self-organized group...

Podcast: The Role Libraries Play in Closing the Justice Gap

Publish Date: News / 5 January 2021

WebJunction and the nonprofit Legal Services Corporation (LSC) have partnered to deliver national online training for public library staff to strengthen access to civil legal justice through public libraries. LSC recently launched a podcast called Ta...

Civil Legal Assistance in Natural Disasters: A Role for the Library

Publish Date: News / 11 November 2020

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, civil legal issues abound. In these stressful situations, when many people have lost so much, they are also faced with untangling legal questions that can be confusing and ever-changing. If property is damaged,...

Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice, a New Self-paced Course Series

Publish Date: News / 20 October 2020

WebJunction's new series of free, self-paced courses, Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice, will augment your ability and confidence to meet civil legal justice information needs in your community. Created in partnership with Legal Services Corpo...

Book and Library-related Podcasts

Publish Date: News / 13 October 2020

Screen fatigue – the exhaustion felt from so much time spent in front of computers and mobile devices – has many people turning to podcasts, allowing them to take a break from screen and to listen instead. In a post to the Library Think Tank group on...

Legal Language Matters: Protecting Patrons from Notario Fraud

Publish Date: News / 6 October 2020

The Improving Access to Civil Legal Justice through Public Libraries initiative continues to learn about ways to support patrons' civil legal information needs. One learning is the importance of understanding how the meaning of words can change with ...