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Reference services continue to evolve with changing patron needs and with varied information resources and formats. Libraries continue to provide unparalleled reference using traditional and emerging tools, formats and resources. Explore topics such as answering health and legal questions, reaching out beyond the reference desk, and innovations in digital or virtual reference.

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Librarians Who Wikipedia: Jean King

 News / Last Modified: 28 February 2018

When Jean King, an adult reference librarian at West Hempstead Public Library, registered for the Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together online training course, she'd never edited Wikipedia before. "It's a popular reference that frequently comes...

Beyond the Desk: Resources for Innovative Reference Services

 News / Last Modified: 02 September 2017

Library services often begin with a question. Do you have this book? Can you help me find information for my report? Which country is the largest producer of coffee beans? As we grow up and learn, we are taught to ask questions to help us learn new i...

Leaving Fort Ref: Frontiers of Embedded Librarianship

 Webinar / Last Modified: 06 June 2017

This webinar explores new approaches to reference that embed the librarian in the community, answering questions at the point of need, and growing community connections.

The Future of Reference is Outside the Library

 News / Last Modified: 04 May 2017

Over the last decade, the fortress-like walls of the library reference desk have been breached in favor of more inviting structures and roving librarians. However, that's not going far enough, according to Jamie LaRue, director of Douglas County (CO)...

Financial Education Tools for Libraries from CFPB

 News / Last Modified: 03 May 2017

As you may know, we've been participating in an OpenIDEO challenge related to libraries and financial literacy. We've been learning about a variety of approaches to financial education, and also wanted to be sure libraries are aware of all the fantas...