Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together

Libraries and Wikipedia share a common purpose: to provide free public access to knowledge and resources. Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together was an 18-month OCLC project to strengthen the ties between US public libraries and English Wikipedia. The project ended in May 2018 and the connections, learning materials, stories, and outcomes are still unfolding. Library staff are leveraging Wikipedia to better serve their communities. 

Learn from the pathways that library staff have taken with Wikipedia and how you can get involved, too.

Build Community

Amplify Stories

Extend Librarianship

Teach Literacies


Photo credits, clockwise from top left: Kansas City Jazz Wikipedia Edit-a-thon-2, Clint Ashlock, CC BY-SA 4.0; "Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon" TheDasherz, CC BY-SA 4.0; University of Texas-Arlington editing event 2018, courtesy Samantha Dodd, all rights reserved; African American Photographs Assembled for 1900 Paris Exposition - Five Women Officers of Women's League, Newport, R.I. Public domain, Library of Congress Catalog.


Training curriculum

Access the full training curriculum to learn how to confidently use, edit, and teach Wikipedia at your library.

Training Curriculum


View webinars that explore the ways librarians are using and contributing to Wikipedia.


Learn more

Learn about the Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together project's history and activities.

Project Background

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