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Information-seeking happens on Wikipedia. To meet users where they are, library staff are extending their librarianship into the inner-workings of Wikipedia. Editing the collaborative encyclopedia can range from correcting grammar and contributing to articles, to weighing in on deletion discussions or other administrative work.

Learn why being “a librarian on Wikipedia” makes sense, how librarians are making it part of their daily work at the reference desk, and how they have influenced the inner workings of Wikipedia. Librarians are helping other editors find verifiable sources, surfacing histories hidden behind paywalls or on microfilm, and sharing resources in articles. Read how editing is a thrilling, eye-opening first step in Wikipedia engagement. 

“Editing helps me be open and receptive to new ideas and ways of thinking. I encourage all library and information professionals to become involved with Wikipedia.”
– Bob Kokovsky, New York Public Library

Bob Kosovsky, New York Public Library, presents on September 13, 2017, in the OCLC Wikipedia + Libraries course on why Wikipedia matters to 21st century librarianship.

Learn how libraries are extending librarianship with Wikipedia


Librarians Who Wikipedia: Jean King

Interview / WebJunction

People are online, and so are reference librarians. “I like knowing that I am making Wikipedia articles more reliable, even if I am doing it on a small scale,” says Jean King, a former journalist-turned-librarian.

mary phillips

Librarians Who Wikipedia: Mary Phillips

Interview / WebJunction

When Mary Phillips sees a missing reference or a dead link she takes action. “I’m a librarian on Wikipedia,” she says. Others can do the same. “We are experts in how people interact with information that is mediated.”


Librarians Who Wikipedia: Bob Kosovsky

Interview / WebJunction

Bob Kosovsky has created more than 40 articles and considers Wikipedia part of his library outreach work. "I feel a tremendous sense of pride by knowing that I’m collaborating with others by sharing knowledge with the world," he says. 


Librarians Who Wikipedia: János McGhie

Interview / WebJunction

János McGhie, Wikipedia username McGheiver, brings offline references to the online community. He has made almost 22,000 edits and uploaded 1,300 photos to the Wikipedia Commons. 

Read more stories from the library about how librarians are using, editing, and teaching Wikipedia in their libraries. 

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