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University of Texas-Arlington editing event 2018, courtesy Samantha Dodd, all rights reserved

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A popular, free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia is almost deceptively straight-forward, but there’s more happening behind the scenes than many realize. Understanding Wikipedia’s inner workings provides important clues about article accuracy, verifiability, and reliability. Teach digital and information literacies with Wikipedia using inquiry-based learning. Confidently guide patrons to critically use this convenient, free resource.

“Now I consider myself a [Wikipedia] convert. I am pushing its value to help students be critical consumers of information.”
– Denise Davis, Morton-James Public Library

Course participants Denise Davis and Tom Boeche, from Morton-James Public Library, present to the Wikipedia + Libraries class, November 25, 2017.

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Library at center of Wikipedia campus activities around HerStory

Feature / The Shorthorn

Samantha Dodd felt unprepared to run her library’s edit-a-thon until taking the WebJunction Wikipedia course. The edit-a-thon became one link in a chain of learning activities and events with her library at the center of Wikipedia literacy instruction.


Librarians Who Wikipedia: Karen Kast

Interview / WebJunction

At a small, rural library in Utah, Karen Kast teaches students to use Wikipedia as a backbone to beginning a research paper. She's also helping them read articles with a critical eye for quality and accuracy.


Librarians Who Wikipedia: Denise Davis and Tom Boeche

Interview / WebJunction

Librarians in Nebraska City, Nebraska advocate starting research with Wikipedia. “I am pushing its value to help students be critical consumers of information,” said Davis. They are also planning to edit articles on the history and culture of their town.


Librarians Who Wikipedia: Allison Frick

Interview / WebJunction

Allison Frick includes Wikipedia at her branch library because the free reference can help computer users of all levels critically evaluate and improve their online experiences. She sees information gaps in articles as an opportunity to make improvements.

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