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Libraries are at the center of Wikipedia activities, building community through engagement. From editing events, such as community edit-a-thons, information literacy activities, or staff-focused events such as #1lib1ref, the library is the hub for Wikipedia-related initiatives.

Learn what you can do with Wikipedia by reading about other librarians who have gone from casual Wikipedia readers to confident Wikipedia editors and event organizers. Learn how they are putting their libraries at the center of Wikipedia community activity.

“Community isn’t just where you physically are, it’s a connection you build together.”
– Sherry Antoine, AfroCrowd and Rajene Hardeman, Howland Public Library

Hear from Howland Public Library trustee Rajene Hardeman and Sherry Antoine, AfroCROWD, in their October 25, 2017, presentation about AfroCROWD’s work and the ways Wikipedia enables community-building.

Learn how libraries are building community with Wikipedia


Wikipedia, says OCLC’s Merrilee Proffitt, has brought “so much joy”

Interview / WebJunction

Learn why the Wikipedia community has been important for elevating library voices online, hear about the Wikimedia and Libraries global user group, and learn more about the first ever book for information professionals about Wikipedia, edited by Proffitt.

anne-lefkofsky-100-140 (004)

Librarians who Wikipedia: Anne Lefkofsky

Interview / WebJunction

Library staff in New Mexico are building community together through staff Wikipedia training. "We're refreshing our professional skills and reflect[ing] on how we support information literacy."


Librarians Who Wikipedia: Tiffany Bailey

Interview / WebJunction

An annual Art + Feminism event at the Dallas Public Library made sense to Tiffany Bailey and two community partners. The all-day event attracted participants of all ages and brought together people in the community.

Read more stories from the library about how librarians are using, editing, and teaching Wikipedia in their libraries. 

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Explore the full training curriculum to get started editing and teaching Wikipedia in your library.

Training Curriculum

Training curriculum

Access the full training curriculum to learn how to confidently use, edit, and teach Wikipedia at your library.

Training Curriculum


View webinars that explore the ways librarians are using and contributing to Wikipedia.


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