Librarian and youth in makerspace programming

Your library's programming brings to your community, rich opportunities for learning, entertainment, and building connections across all age groups. Find resources, templates and successful strategies for planning, marketing, implementing and evaluating your programming efforts.

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Recap: Libraries and the COVID-19 Crisis, OCLC Virtual Town Hall

Publish Date: News / 28 April 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted the personal and professional lives of library staff everywhere. As libraries respond to rapidly evolving information and guidelines, building closures, and loss of resources, staff are turning to new, virtual ways t...

Call to Action: Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis

Publish Date: Webinar / 31 March 2020

This webinar will present a newly published call to action, offering strategies for public libraries to consider as they determine a local response to the nationwide opioid crisis.

Call to Action: Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis

Publish Date: News / 26 February 2020

We're excited to announce a new report from OCLC and the Public Library Association (PLA). Call to Action: Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis, offers tested strategies to consider as libraries determine local responses to the nationwide public he...

A Race to Save the Planet: Public Libraries Lead Climate Change Effort

Publish Date: News / 13 February 2020

How is your library supporting the community in addressing questions about climate change? Do you think there is more you could do? The staff at the Mill Valley Public Library in California knew that they could do more and set out to engage the commu...

Books, Programming, Resources: Helping Patrons Through the Opioid Crisis

Publish Date: News / 9 January 2020

The opioid crisis which has crashed through American communities has brought patrons to public libraries seeking information about opioids and addiction. This collection of resources can help you connect patrons to the information that they need to s...