Librarian and youth in makerspace programming

Your library's programming brings to your community, rich opportunities for learning, entertainment, and building connections across all age groups. Find resources, templates and successful strategies for planning, marketing, implementing and evaluating your programming efforts.

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Breaking Bread with Anythink Libraries

 News / Last Modified: 06 December 2018

Bread has been a major staple of the human diet for thousands of years - in fact, consumption of grains can be traced as far back as the Middle Stone Age. And while this simple combination of flour, water, salt and yeast can yield many different styl...

Are Dogs the New Library Cat?

 News / Last Modified: 29 November 2018

At Red Land Community Library in Etters, Pennsylvania, parents can sign children up for a 15-minute slot to read to a golden retriever. Ella is one of three trained therapy dogs who are among the library's most famous and beloved volunteers. The dogs...

Opioid Addiction Resources from the CDC

 News / Last Modified: 21 November 2018

Through its Emergency Partners Information Connection (EPIC) Program, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has supplied the following educational resources for public libraries to use. This collection of printable posters, handouts, an...

Opioid Addiction Resources for Patrons

 News / Last Modified: 19 November 2018

The opioid crisis which has crashed through American communities has brought patrons to public libraries seeking information about opioids and addiction. This collection of resources can help you connect patrons to the information that they need to s...

Opioid Crisis Responses from Public Libraries

 News / Last Modified: 19 November 2018

As staff, trustees and volunteers of public libraries around the country are being confronted by the opioid crisis, news stories, events and resources have surfaced which highlight how libraries are addressing these emerging needs. From administering...

Minecraft and Water Buffalo: A Diversity of Stories

 News / Last Modified: 15 November 2018

Back in January I wrote about some of the great work we had done in 2013 and some of our plans for 2014. One of those plans was to emphasize great stories coming out of the library community, and to that end we completely redesigned the Share Your St...

Library Kitchens and Cooking Programs

 News / Last Modified: 14 November 2018

Frequently we spot posts on Facebook groups, like ALA Think Tank or the Programming Librarian Interest Group, that get us really excited. Today was one of those days, when we saw a question posted by someone who's library has just opened a renovated ...

Growing Library Garden Programs

 News / Last Modified: 07 November 2018

We're collecting together a list of related resources and examples of libraries who are creating gardens and hosting garden programming. Many public libraries are connecting to community partners and transforming spaces to engage patrons of all ages ...

Small But Mighty Library Management and Innovation

 Webinar / Last Modified: 07 November 2018

In this webinar, learn how the Millvale Community Library addresses their community's food desert, uses clean energy, offers a tool-lending library, and more.