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This Social Library is a regular WebJunction feature surfacing some of the amazing work from the libraries that we follow on Facebook. It's a great virtual tour of how libraries are using social media to connect with their communities, promote services and programs, and engage with their patrons and fans. If you'd like to see your library featured in the Social Library series, please let us know via, or find us on Facebook.

The Social Library Series spreadsheet (xls) collects all volumes and can be sorted by state, library, and topic.

Facebook image courtesy of the Slover Library, Norfolk, Virgina

Most Recently Added

Social Library, Volume 128

 News / Last Modified: 11 March 2019

We continue our Social Library series with examples of community engagement from libraries we follow on Facebook. This edition highlights how libraries connect with readers, writers, and museum goers, and how they tap into community interest around b...

Social Library, Volume 127

 News / Last Modified: 07 March 2019

Our Social Library series continues, providing quick inspiration from five libraries we follow on Facebook. From food and scarf drives, helping those in need, to a 3D printed doll and a craft supply swap, learn how libraries are hosting opportunities...

Social Library, Volume 126

 News / Last Modified: 21 February 2019

Up next in our Social Library series, we're shining a spotlight on five libraries who are using Facebook in innovative and engaging ways, to tell their library and community stories. This edition includes not-so-quiet library learning, Janis Joplin, ...

Social Library, Volume 125

 News / Last Modified: 05 February 2019

Welcome to a new edition of our Social Library series, where we highlight innovative ways libraries are using Facebook to connect with communities. This eclectic batch of examples include a service puppy, a mock Caldecott contest, a year-long partner...

Social Library, Volume 124

 News / Last Modified: 23 January 2019

In this latest Social Library edition, we're highlighting five more innovative programs from libraries we follow on Facebook. From a Noon Year celebration to a blood pressure monitoring station, and from a bar book club to a women veteran's tea, thes...

Social Library, Holiday Edition

 News / Last Modified: 03 January 2019

In this special Holiday Edition of our Social Library series, we're highlighting programming and marketing examples from libraries we follow on Facebook. From a 12 Days of Library Giveaways contest to an Ugly Sweater Craft Night, and from Holiday Pet...

Social Library, Volume 122

 News / Last Modified: 18 December 2018

Up next in our Social Library series, we're sharing innovative approaches from libraries we follow on Facebook related to Harry Potter, veterans, health literacy, water safety and baby karaoke. This range of services and programming demonstrates the ...

Social Library, Volume 121

 News / Last Modified: 27 November 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of our Social Library series, highlighting a range of events and displays that libraries are showcasing on their Facebook pages. From a library tour to books for trick or treaters, and from book displays to Mental Health...

Social Library, Piano Edition

 News / Last Modified: 13 November 2018

With another special edition of our Social Library series, we bring you five libraries who have recently used Facebook to highlight programs and services related to...pianos! From a banana piano to free lessons, and from painted pianos to a circulati...

Social Library, Recognition Edition

 News / Last Modified: 30 October 2018

This Social Library special edition highlights libraries who use Facebook to thank staff and volunteers for their great work. Recognizing members of your library team on social media provides a great way for the public to thank them as well. Examples...