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This Social Library is a regular WebJunction feature surfacing some of the amazing work from the libraries that we follow on Facebook. It's a great virtual tour of how libraries are using social media to connect with their communities, promote services and programs, and engage with their patrons and fans. If you'd like to see your library featured in the Social Library series, please let us know via, or find us on Facebook.

The Social Library Series spreadsheet (xls) collects all volumes and can be sorted by state, library, and topic.

Facebook image courtesy of the Slover Library, Norfolk, Virgina

Most Recently Added

Social Library, Volume 112

 News / Last Modified: 10 July 2018

This fresh edition of our Social Library series brings innovation from five libraries who are using Facebook to share unique programming and services with their communities. From building blocks to courtyard gardens, and from a tool library to an art...

Social Library, Volume 111

 News / Last Modified: 10 July 2018

Our Social Library series continues, with everything from a shoe drive to a reading invasion, and from free toothbrushes to a free amp tune-up. These five featured libraries caught our eye with unique programming and community connections, and they j...

Social Library, Volume 110

 News / Last Modified: 22 June 2018

In this edition of our Social Library series, we've featured libraries who are using Facebook to promote celebrations, events, holidays, books, and all that libraries have to offer. From entertaining videos to book displays, and from pixalated covers...

Social Library, Volume 109

 News / Last Modified: 12 June 2018

Up next in our Social Library series, we're highlighting five libraries who all have been featured in the press for their innovations! From a library cat to a bike rodeo, and from free haircuts to bookish battles on Twitter, these examples are sure t...

Social Library, Volume 108

 News / Last Modified: 29 May 2018

With this, our 108th edition of the Social Library series, we've got a fresh batch of library innovation to showcase. These libraries are connecting with their communities through an ongoing book challenge via social media, at the local laundromat, o...

Social Library, Volume 107

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2018

This latest edition of our Social Library series includes a number of libraries who are developing strong partnerships with others in the community to bring music, geeky entertainment, mental health support and healthcare to patrons. Partners include...

Social Library, Volume 106

 News / Last Modified: 01 May 2018

A bookmark contest, one library's adventures with a MOOC, an outdoor bike repair station, digitized yearbooks and scholarships from library Friends are all highlighted in this edition of our Social Library series.These libraries are using Facebook to...

Social Library, Volume 105

 News / Last Modified: 17 April 2018

The Social Library highlights innovative ways libraries are using Facebook to connect with communities. This week, libraries shared news about programs including an "Ide...

Social Library, Volume 104

 News / Last Modified: 10 April 2018

The latest edition of our Social Library highlights innovative ways libraries are using Facebook to connect with communities. One library is circulating fishing poles and another created a video to show that yes, people still use libraries. One libra...

Social Library, Volume 103

 News / Last Modified: 20 March 2018

This edition of our Social Library series presents fresh ideas from libraries truly responding to community needs. From language classes in Cree to a lactation station for mothers, and from services for local veterans to a community discussion on new...