Rural Library Sustainability Program

staff training

Thousands of library staff attended workshops delivered in 42 states as a part of the Rural Library Sustainability Project. If you're a participant wanting to revisit a module of the workshop or a trainer wanting to replicate the workshop, you will find all of the materials here. The Documents tab above will provide you with marketing materials on the workshop, as well as the Rural Library Sustainability Continuum. Many folks have used the Continuum as a stand-alone tool to document progress on sustainability efforts.

Most Recently Added

Rural Resources and Funding: The Rural Information Center

 Webinar / Last Modified: 14 August 2017

This webinar showcases information and resources from the Rural Information Center made available to libraries and other organizations working to maintain the vitality of America's rural communities.

Small Libraries, Big Community

 News / Last Modified: 05 June 2017

With travel costs high and libraries busier than ever, library staff are using online technologies to connect and learn. Over 300 librarians attended the February 28, 2013, free one-day online conference, Big Talk From Small Libraries, aimed at libra...

Public Library Outreach Makes Magic

 News / Last Modified: 24 May 2017

I have a theory that there is a little bit of magic involved in public library community outreach programs. I don’t believe that the magic is a component of making a good community outreach program. Rather, I believe the magic comes after. It is what...

Outreach Action Plan Template

 Document / Last Modified: 24 May 2017

Create your Outreach Action Plan using this template complete with recommended steps and linked resources.

Rural and Small Libraries Conference: ARSL 2014 Recap

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

What could be better than the best library conference in your own backyard? How about working for an organization that helps sponsor that conference (thank you OCLC), and allows you to present, learn, and network with nearly 400 other people who love...

Best Small Library in America 2010

 Webinar / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

Archive and associated resources for the January 18, 2011, webinar with Anne M. Hughes and Rebecca Miller presenting Glen Carbon Centennial Library, the 2010 winner of the Best Small Library in America Award.