Online training resources

Online training resources

Whether you're an intentional or accidental instructional designer or trainer, you know that there are many ingredients to cooking up effective and engaging online learning. This set of curated resources is intended to help you start or augment your e-learning design skills. Let us know if you have suggestions for more quality resources that will help us all learn together.

ingredients for Cuban mojo
[mojo ingredients by chotda on Flickr]

Image resources

  • Image Sources - Free
  • Image Editing Programs - Free
  • Design Resources

Instructional design

  • Instructional Design Principles
  • Scenarios in E-Learning
  • Working with Subject Matter Experts
  • E-Learning Examples

Learner engagement

  • How We Learn
  • Facilitation Strategies
  • Supporting Online Learners

Mobile learning

Moodle resources

  • Learning About Moodle
  • Getting Started for Free

Tools of the trade

  • Screencasting Tools
  • Self-Paced Course Authoring Tools
  • Web Conferencing Tools

Webinar success