Webinar success

Webinar success

Strategies for success

Delivering successful webinars may not be as easy as it looks. These resources will help you understand and coordinate the many moving parts.

WebJunction's Guide to Successful Webinars includes:

  • How to prepare the producers, presenters and participants for success
  • Registration Confirmation Sample Email
  • Webinar Pre-session Orientation Slides
  • Cohort viewing resources and best practices
  • and more...

5 Ways to Create Fabulous Slides: some straightforward ideas for creating more visually interesting slide decks

The Power of Image: Presenting with the brain in mind: a webinar on practical and doable guidelines for enriching the important visual component of online presentation, includes a Participation Guide and Practical PowerPoint Image Tips.

Learner Guide examples

We have found that learner guides (used alone or with others) enhance and extend learning for webinar attendees, or those watching the recording. Here are a few examples of learner guides available for WebJunction Webinars:

Webinar evaluation

Post-webinar survey

  • How they found out about it
  • Why they came
  • Increase in skills and knowledge
  • What they liked most
  • What could be improved
  • Recommended topics for future events