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Moodle Resources

Learning about Moodle
The main source of information on everything about Moodle, including documentation, large and active community forums, download Moodle and add-ons, even track the development roadmap and add your vote for new features.
The commercial side. Where you can find companies that offer services specific to Moodle, including hosting, support, custom development, training, custom themes, etc.

Moodle HQ YouTube Channel
100's (at least) of Moodle-related how to and informational videos. And of course there are thousands of other videos there about Moodle.

Getting Started for Free

  • Gnomio
    Create a free (add supported) Moodle site in minutes. You can also pay for a version without ads. The service includes almost no support, but they keep Moodle updated, and now include integrated BigBlueButton web conferencing. This is a great resource if you are just starting to learn about Moodle, or even for a test site. Courses you created here can be exported to another Moodle site.