Shelving with Dewey: Self-paced Course Updated

Kathleen Gesinger /

Invite new staff or volunteers to become a top-notch Dewey shelver. In the recently updated course, Shelving with Dewey, learners new to the Dewey Decimal Classification system learn the fundamentals of subject-based classification, the importance of an organized library, how to read call numbers and, most importantly, how to accurately shelve books based on those call numbers. Few tasks are more vital for shelf maintenance and patron access.

Not only is this course an opportunity to learn more about classification systems, it is designed to provide online training that will help new staff members and volunteers become productive as quickly as possible. Learners are invited to explore the main classes, divisions and sections of Dewey, to practice reading call number labels and to put that knowledge into practice through shelving simulations. What better way to practice shelving before even entering the stacks!

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Learn the anatomy of a Dewey call number:


Practice “shelving” call number labels in the correct order: 


Test your knowledge through intermittent quizzes:


Through this beginner self-paced course, learners will briefly explore the history of the Dewey Decimal Classification system, discover the value of an organized and accessible library, how to assess the correct order of books by their call numbers, and practice shelving non-fiction, biography and fiction too!

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