Managing Public Computers

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As we've moved into the 21st century, providing public access to computers and the internet has become a core function of libraries. Whether your library has a handful of public computers or hundreds, you have become a technology access point for your community and managing that technology requires a range of knowledge. Explore topics that address the varied facets of managing public computers including security, filtering, upgrading, and troubleshooting.

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Growing Digital Equity Through Community Partnerships

Publish Date: Webinar / 3 February 2022

In this webinar, learn strategies for building more digitally inclusive communities including Digital Navigators and collaborations with partners to circulate hotspots and laptops.

What TechSoup Offers Libraries

Publish Date: News / 28 June 2018

TechSoup is the San Francisco based nonprofit that supports charities, public libraries, churches and foundations with technology support and resources. The organization has had a special interest in libraries since 2006 when it launched TechSoup for...

A Slice of Maker Pie: Stories from Three Learner Labs

Publish Date: News / 17 November 2014

Think about the last time you ordered pizza and the numerous considerations that influenced your decisions. You may have weighed surroundings including dine-in versus carry-out or perhaps delivery, contemplated crust style and toppings, and evaluated...

You Shall Not Pass! iPad Passcode Problems and Other Insights

Publish Date: News / 11 August 2014

Since her first article, iFought the iPads (and iWon), Sally-Adrina has heard from several librarians struggling with a common problem: iPad passcodes. At Rapid City Public Libraries, they experienced the same issue. A child or an ad...

iFought the iPads (and iWon)

Publish Date: News / 28 March 2014

When Rapid City Public Libraries decided to add iPads to the Children's Area, I volunteered for the project. In the end this project took me a couple of months to tackle but the number of children using the iPads made it worth the effort. I hope by s...