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The Research Institute for Public Libraries (RIPL) is a national initiative to provide training about data and evaluation to public library workers. While RIPL typically provides in-person trainings, this March it launched a free, monthly, yearlong webinar series, 12 Months to Better Library Data. This series is intended for public library workers interested in gaining knowledge and skills for data-informed decision-making, program improvement, planning, and advocacy; as well as in learning how to use data to serve their community even better tomorrow than they are today. Anyone else interested in public library data and evaluation is also welcome to join!

The webinars will feature curriculum from the RIPL 2023 national event as well as a few new topics. The webinar topics are based on the steps involved in conducting an evaluation:

  • Identify the purpose of your evaluation
  • Plan your evaluation
  • Collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Use data – for management, program improvement, strategic planning, and advocacy

During the first quarter of the webinar series, sessions focusd on the identify and plan steps (click on each webinar title to access recording):

During the second quarter, sessions will focus on collecting and analyzing data. (Click on each webinar title to access registration information.)

The third quarter will focus on using data for decision-making, program improvement, and advocacy. And, during the fourth quarter, we will consider how to develop a data-informed culture in your library, and will discuss the competing needs of patron privacy vs. using data to guide service design and delivery. More information about the second, third, and fourth quarter webinars will be available soon.

These will NOT be webinars where you listen to a talking head the whole time; instead, please come ready to participate in a variety of interactive learning activities, some of which will occur in small groups in breakout rooms.

These webinars will be recorded, and the recordings will be available within two business days of each session. To receive a link to a particular webinar recording, please register for the webinar. 

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Questions? Please contact [email protected].

This webinar series is made possible by funding from the Mellon Foundation.