Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces

Hoover Library
Hoover Library, Hoover, AL. Eswift (CC BY 2.0)

Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces is a WebJunction program that is supporting 15 small and rural public libraries from across the country as they reimagine and reconfigure their libraries into smart spaces. Launched in July 2016, this two-year program is made possible in part by a National Leadership Grant (project number LG-80-16-0039-16) from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and is implemented in partnership with the Association for Rural and Small Libraries.

What's a smart library space?

Smart library spaces are places designed to meet the needs and desires of diverse communities. Smart spaces are where discovery and community intersect, fostering social connection among people of all ages by providing active learning that encourages exploration and play.

How are the libraries creating smart spaces?

Each participating library is engaging community members in the vision and the plan for the space. Prototypes will be created and tested with patrons, and libraries will create action plans to guide their comprehensive space and service transformations. Libraries will also gather community feedback regarding use of the spaces once they are transformed, and share case studies and resources for the wider library community to learn from. WebJunction staff and collaborating subject matter experts are guiding participating libraries as they learn in-depth the many concepts and steps in creating smart spaces, using WebJunction's interactive online learning platform. View an overview of the Small Libraries Create Smart Spaces Curriculum Outline.

How can I stay up-to-date on program activities and resources?

Program updates are posted regularly on Facebook, Twitter and through our Crossroads eNewsletter. Email program manager Betha Gutsche at any time with questions, ideas, or feedback:



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