Children enjoying Taylor Public Library's summer program

Your library's programming brings to your community, rich opportunities for learning, entertainment, and building connections across all age groups. Find resources, templates and successful strategies for planning, marketing, implementing and evaluating your programming efforts. From reading incentive programs to gaming, local history events to festivals, explore innovative library programs sure to attract attendees and increase awareness about your library.

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November Poll Results: Health and Nutrition Programs and Resources

 News / Last Modified: 25 November 2015

With the holiday season approaching, WebJunction's November poll reached out to Crossroads readers to learn about how you are helping to nourish patron bodies as well as minds.

Nearly 60 different libraries and state library agencies told us...

Family Literacy at a Food Pantry

 Webinar / Last Modified: 25 November 2015

In this webinar, learn how Cazenovia Public Library operates learning-focused programs for the whole family at a local food pantry.

3D Printers in the Library

 News / Last Modified: 25 November 2015

3D printing conjures notions of the Star Trek replicator—a computerized machine that can turn a verbal command into 3-dimensional objects, including food items. The evolution of 3D printers is advancing rapidly toward and even beyond that sci-fi visi...

3 Ways Libraries Can Channel Understanding in Confusing Times

 News / Last Modified: 23 November 2015

As individuals and communities react to conflict in the world, we're reminded of the ways in which libraries often serve as a sanctuary for those looking for physical or emotional safety. But unfortunately, even the committed and welcoming staff who ...