Partnerships & Collaboration

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When the library builds partnerships, it strengthens the ties to its community, shares resources, and builds positive relationships with diverse stakeholders. Reaching out to initiate community partnerships begins with identifying both traditional and non-traditional partners and exploring new ways to work together. Effective collaborations are sustained through a shared commitment to serving the ever-changing needs of the community.

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Communication and Partnerships - Tools

 Document / Last Modified: 06 June 2017

From Planning for Success Cookbook. Checklists and assessment matrices to accompany the Communication and Partnerships section.

Community Connections: Break with Tradition!

 Webinar / Last Modified: 05 June 2017

A webinar in collaboration with ARSL exploring ways to develop community connections, especially with local businesses, for libraries to extend their reach and to help build stronger communities.

Library Access for All Students: Stories from Five ConnectED Libraries

 News / Last Modified: 05 June 2017

In April 2015, President Barack Obama announced the ConnectED Library Challenge, an effort to "put a library card in the hand of every student," and in January 2016 the White House hosted a convening of representatives from about 50 of the ...

Four Ways to Reach Entrepreneurs in Your Community

 News / Last Modified: 05 June 2017

If you are looking for an impressive number of resources, templates and ideas on how to reach and serve entrepreneurs at your library, then look no further than the webinar Support Small Business Development at Your Library.

Laura Metzler, Sma...

Small Libraries, Big Community

 News / Last Modified: 05 June 2017

With travel costs high and libraries busier than ever, library staff are using online technologies to connect and learn. Over 300 librarians attended the February 28, 2013, free one-day online conference, Big Talk From Small Libraries, aimed at libra...

Creating New Advocates for Libraries: Pennsylvania Forward Case Study

 News / Last Modified: 24 May 2017

In 2007, the U.S. economic crisis hit, and libraries across the U.S. struggled to articulate their value and maintain public support – and Pennsylvania (PA) libraries were no exception. Like many places in the world, funding for libraries in Pennsylv...