Partnerships & Collaboration

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When the library builds partnerships, it strengthens the ties to its community, shares resources, and builds positive relationships with diverse stakeholders. Reaching out to initiate community partnerships begins with identifying both traditional and non-traditional partners and exploring new ways to work together. Effective collaborations are sustained through a shared commitment to serving the ever-changing needs of the community.

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Most Recently Added

New Publications Detail Public Library Responses to the Opioid Crisis

Publish Date: News / 29 October 2019

OCLC and the Public Library Association (PLA) are pleased to announce two new publications which demonstrate how public libraries are responding to the opioid crisis with their communities. The research has resulted in eight case studies and a summar...

Programs for Culinary Literacy at the Gwinnett County Public Library

Publish Date: News / 11 September 2019

The number of libraries offering garden and culinary-focused programming have been "growing" and we love to highlight the ways libraries are innovating in this area. We recently had the opportunity to speak with staff at the Gwinnett County...

Planning a Library Con or Pop Culture Festival

Publish Date: News / 23 May 2019

Librarian Recommended blogger, Elia Juarez, shares her experience and expertise on planning and hosting a LibraryCon.

We hosted our library's sixth LibraryCon on May 4 (with over 650 attendees!), and each year, we've lear...

Tapping Your Team Talents

Publish Date: News / 5 March 2019

Elizabeth Koenig and the team at Everett Public Library are passionate about bringing fun, creative programming to their community. Many of their best ideas come from tapping into their own team's special talents and hobbies. We asked Elizabeth and h...

Not Just Deodorant: Teen Hygiene Health Center at the Rockwood Makerspace

Publish Date: News / 26 February 2019

Judith Guzman-Montes, Bilingual Makerspace Library Assistant, at the Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon, created a Teen Hygiene Health Center in the restroom of the Rockwood makerspace to serve the needs of teens visiting the library. Judit...