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Rural Library Sustainability Training in NC

With the ever-changing nature of our work, library staff need fresh and innovative training opportunities to say current and to continue to meet the needs of our patrons. Managing staff training involves assessment of training needs, planning and evaluating staff development, and keeping on top of all the learning methods and formats available. Whether conducting training face-to-face or online, a blend of both or augmented with social media tools, managing staff learning can be the basis for a transformative and accessible learning organization for all.

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Self-Directed Learning Resources

 Document / Last Modified: 17 June 2016

Case studies and resources for motivating our staff (and ourselves) toward success with self-directed learning.

59 Free June Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 09 June 2016

If you're like most learners this time of year, you may be looking forward to a summer break from studies. But based on this month's list of webinars, it looks like you should still be making time for learning! This list, provided by the Wyoming Stat...

Online Conferences: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

 Document / Last Modified: 17 May 2016

A best practices handout created by Karen Burns, Cindi Hickey and Jennifer Peterson in conjunction with PLA 2010 for their presentation: Expanding your world through Web Conferencing: Connecting small libraries in big ways.

66 Free May Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 12 May 2016

With so many options for online learning, it's great to be able to see all these webinars collected in one place. This list, provided by the Wyoming State Library, comes out every month and is regularly updated on the Free Training page, where you ca...

Closing the Knowledge Gap: March Poll Results

 News / Last Modified: 28 April 2016

Last month we asked about those job responsibilities that maybe weren't covered in your training to become library staff. Answers varied, but the most common area you identified was finances—whether that's how to create a budget, bookkeeping, or vend...