Manage Staff Training

Rural Library Sustainability Training in NC

With the ever-changing nature of our work, library staff need fresh and innovative training opportunities to say current and to continue to meet the needs of our patrons. Managing staff training involves assessment of training needs, planning and evaluating staff development, and keeping on top of all the learning methods and formats available. Whether conducting training face-to-face or online, a blend of both or augmented with social media tools, managing staff learning can be the basis for a transformative and accessible learning organization for all.

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55+ Free February Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 29 January 2016

With this year being a Leap Year, February provides one extra day for library learning, but it's still a short month, so don't miss out on these online opportunities made available for free. This list, provided by Jamie Markus at the Wyoming State Li...

60+ Free January Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 11 January 2016

As you pull together your new year's learning resolutions, you're going to want to have handy, this month's list of free learning. These 60 webinars from library and non-profit providers cover topics relevant to libraries of all shapes and sizes. Fro...

49 Free December Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 10 December 2015

Give yourself and your team the gift of learning this holiday season! As you wrap up the year, take some time to reflect on areas you'd like to explore, alone or with others. This month's list of free learning includes 49 webinars from library and no...

51 Free November Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 06 November 2015

With the holiday season approaching, this month's list of free webinars is a bit shorter, but still packed with learning topics for your whole team. Before you start to wrap up the year, there's no better time to take inventory of learning gaps or op...

70 Free October Webinars for Library Staff

 News / Last Modified: 21 October 2015

This month's list of free webinars brings a wealth of learning topics for library staff. From advocacy to fundraising, and from managment to technology, there something here for everyone on your team.  Many of the sessions will be made available...