Access & Equity

Black Lives Matter demonstrators gather in Baltimore (MD)

Access & Equity are broad areas for libraries and they encompass many issues. This includes, among so much more, making sure your facility is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, serving patrons on the autism spectrum, building a diverse collection, and creating a welcoming environment that represents your entire community no matter ethnicity, heritage, gender identity or sexual orientation.   

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Most Recently Added

Civility Goes Viral: A New Approach for a New Era

 Webinar / Last Modified: 19 May 2017

This webinar presents Choose Civility, a community-wide initiative inviting respect, empathy, and consideration at every opportunity, and made available to libraries to implement locally.

Dynamic Libraries: Access, Development and Transformation

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

More than 3,000 library and information workers from at least 112 countries gathered in Cape Town, South Africa, in August for IFLA's 81st World Library and Information Congress. The theme, "Dynamic Libraries: Access, Development and Transformat...

Public Libraries in Times of Need: Ferguson and Beyond

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

The Ferguson Public Library in Missouri has become a refuge for its community which has been torn apart by the recent race-based conflict. While school has been out, the library has stepped up and offered classes led by school teachers, allowing chil...

Racial Equity in the Library, Part One: Where to Start?

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

For this two-part series, WebJunction takes a look at a complex and broad issue: racial equity in the library. As we participate in conversations about the future of the library and its critical place within community, equity issues continue to surfa...

Extended Racial Equity Resource Guide for Libraries

 Document / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation created the customizable Racial Equity Resource Guide. We have built this special guide for libraries that contains a list of potential partners, sources of background information, examples of programs and resources.