Personal Growth & Development

Photo courtesy ALA The American Library Association via FlickrLibrarians are no strangers to stress. As we work to manage difficult conversations, balance priorities in the midst of budget cuts, or look for time to keep up with current trends in the field, there is no shortage of concerns or complex issues facing information workers. We are great at taking care of library patrons, but what about taking care of ourselves?

In this section, we focus on personal growth and workplace wellness, and on how to successfully manage the stresses of work and life, whether juggling one’s email or taking a new look at an old problem. Explore this topic area to find resources and information to help you cultivate a positive approach to situations in and out of the workplace.

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Staying Afloat in a Sea of Change

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A webinar exploring change, our response to change, and ways to get beyond just surviving change, to learn to embrace and thrive in new environments.