Technology Vision Statements: Examples and suggestions

Last Modified: 22 February 2017
Does your library have a vision for what technology should do for your library? Vision statements are a great way to describe where the library wants to be and what it values when choosing new technology

Why a technology plan?

Last Modified: 22 February 2017
A technology plan can create a great path to guide the library and make sure that the mission is accomplished. This list can help you to explain the importance of planning in your library and create enthusiasm for the planning process.

Checklist for a Library Technology Plan

Last Modified: 21 February 2017
A concise list of what needs to be included in your library technology plan. This is a useful tool to use both for organizing your plan and for evaluating it to make sure that you haven't left out anything important!

Open source systems power library websites

Last Modified: 21 February 2017
An overview of some of the tools libraries are using to build and manage their website, including links to examples of those websites

Technology needs assessment

Last Modified: 21 February 2017
A collection of resources for determining what new and updated technologies to include in your library technology plan.

Technology planning evaluation

Last Modified: 21 February 2017
A practical guide to using a library technology plan as a living document, and building an evaluation process to make sure the technology plan aligns with the library's service goals.

Case study: Creating a technology plan that worked!

Last Modified: 21 March 2012
The authors describe how the Sacramento Public Library developed a technology strategy to better achieve the library's goals and overcome the traditional gulf between public services librarians and information technology (IT) staff.