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    OCLC Wikipedia + Libraries Course Concludes with Plans for Action

    The Wikipedia + Libraries nine-week online training program was the first of its kind: a free, accessible, WebJunction course designed specifically for US public library staff to learn about the inner workings of Wikipedia.

  • teen-tech-center

    Two Opportunities to Develop Tech Skills with Geek Squad Academy and Best Buy Teen Tech Centers

    Scientific discovery and technological innovation play a major role in meeting the challenges of the 21st century. By expanding participation in STEM education, libraries are helping to prepare the next generations to meet these challenges.

  • legal-aid

    Civil Legal Aid Program at the Cleveland Public Library Meets Local Needs

    The Cleveland Public Library and The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland had been working in partnership for years, offering several legal aid workshops on general topics that were open to the public. But Aaron Mason, the library's Assistant Director, Out...

  • appleton-rise

    Social Library, Volume 96

    This latest edition of our Social Library series showcases how libraries connect with their communities in a multitude of ways. From Bingo to Chess, and from a Costco shopping promotion to welcoming new refugees and immigrants, we hope you find these...

  • starnet-logo

    STEM Learning Opportunities Available Through the STAR Library Network

    Looking to bring STEM programming and activities to your library? Opportunities are available through the STAR Library Network which include a new exhibit on exoplanets that is funded by NASA's Universe of Learning program. There is also an upcoming ...

  • library-pixabay

    Public Libraries Occupy a Hallowed Space in the Community and in Public Consciousness

    "I think public libraries are the quintessential 'safe space,' and that’s something that I don't think can be replicated by any other civic institution," said Alex Poole, PhD, an assistant professor in Drexel University's Department of Info...

  • health-gears

    Got patrons with health questions? PLA/NNLM sessions at upcoming conferences may help you provide answers.

    Americans are bombarded with information related to their health, but the messages they receive may not be understandable, reliable, or even credible. Faced with confusing medical terminology, conflicting reports, and a constantly changing healthcare...

  • very-hungry-pumpkin

    Social Library, Volume 95

    In this edition of our Social Library series we're highlighting a pumpkin decorating contest (no carving allowed!), a library ambassador's take on the new Austin Public Library, a makeup workshop, a 150 celebration, and a microcollege in the Brooklyn...

  • fairfax-storytime

    WebJunction Launches Supercharged Storytimes for All

    WebJunction is expanding its popular storytimes training and making it widely available in several ways, including an updated free, online self-paced course. This new program is called Supercharged Storytimes for All and is made possible with the fin...

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    Free November Webinars for Library Staff

    We know that learning is constant, and that we, like our patrons, are lifelong learners. Whether you're looking to learn how to manage your collections, or how to communicate with your community partners, or you're interested in finding new resources...