Marketing & Outreach

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Core to the success of your library, effective marketing and outreach does not happen on it's own. Begin by understanding marketing, learning from retail, utilizing social media and other internet tools, and explore successful methods and strategies used by libraries around the country. Learn how to reach out to all in your community including those populations new to the area or non-traditional patrons who could benefit from your services and programs.

Most Recently Added

Scout: A Community Self-Directed Learning Project

 News / Last Modified: 07 July 2016

Pierce County Library recognized that its customers welcome learning opportunities not only in school and work settings, but also at play.  Games-based learning is a way to bridge the world of formal and important informal learning that takes in...

Geek the Library: Impact and Outcomes

 Webinar / Last Modified: 01 June 2016

Join us for this webinar to learn about the impacts and outcomes of Geek the Library, the national public awareness campaign that has increased public support and funding for libraries around the country.