Marketing & Outreach

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Core to the success of your library, effective marketing and outreach does not happen on it's own. Begin by understanding marketing, learning from retail, utilizing social media and other internet tools, and explore successful methods and strategies used by libraries around the country. Learn how to reach out to all in your community including those populations new to the area or non-traditional patrons who could benefit from your services and programs.

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Libraries Build Community

 Webinar / Last Modified: 09 July 2014

Archive and associated resources for November 16, 2010, webinar with Chrystie Hill, Helene Blowers and Nancy Dowd on libraries and community building.

Photographs Tell the Tale of Libraries

 News / Last Modified: 09 July 2014

In recognition of the role of libraries in social, intellectual, and community life, famous photographers have spent years bearing witness to this institution that continues to form the foundation of democracies around the world.

Robert Dawson...

Conquer Fear at the Podium

 News / Last Modified: 09 July 2014

Many of us are asked to speak in public, either at our own library or at other venues, about the resources we have to offer and how we continue to be relevant in the age of Google. How many of us can claim that we never feel nervous, terrified, or un...

Small Libraries, Big Thinking

 News / Last Modified: 02 July 2014

Library Journal's annual Best Small Library in America Award, cosponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was created in 2005 to discover and reward exemplary work by libraries serving populations under 25,000, and to showca...