Marketing & Outreach

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Core to the success of your library, effective marketing and outreach does not happen on it's own. Begin by understanding marketing, learning from retail, utilizing social media and other internet tools, and explore successful methods and strategies used by libraries around the country. Learn how to reach out to all in your community including those populations new to the area or non-traditional patrons who could benefit from your services and programs.

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Strike While the Iron is Hot

 News / Last Modified: 01 April 2014

Do you want to better know what your community wants and needs? How you can help fill community voids? How you can become a creative catalyst in your community? And most of all how you ensure that community members see your library as a vital communi...

Community Connections: Break with Tradition!

 Webinar / Last Modified: 20 March 2014

A webinar in collaboration with ARSL exploring ways to develop community connections, especially with local businesses, for libraries to extend their reach and to help build stronger communities.

Community Engagement and Staff Development at All Levels

 News / Last Modified: 13 March 2014

Mary Stein, assistant director of East Baton Rouge Parish Library (EBRPL), discussed her successful Geek the Library campaign during a recent Geek the Library Question & Answer webinar. "It's such a powerful campaign, to have laid it all out...

Pew Internet: Advocacy Tools for Librarians

 News / Last Modified: 13 March 2014

The Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project has produced a series of reports presenting new research on library services, trends in reading habits and patron needs in the digital age. This three-year research program is funded by t...