Seasonal selections: Summer reading list and book display roundup

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DeKalb Library Juneteenth Display
Photo courtesy DeKalb Library on Facebook

Libraries in the northern hemisphere are diving into a vibrant season of summer reading, and we want to spotlight some of your creative book displays, reading lists, and other reading initiatives. Check out how other libraries are commemorating Audiobook Appreciation Month, Juneteenth, Pride Month, the anniversary of D-Day, and more events—plus creating fun and whimsical themed displays to help their communities get excited about reading. Whether you're featuring captivating beach reads, timeless classics, or new releases, our guide to summer reading lists and book displays can help inspire your next display or even your own next personal book pick.

Book display inspiration 

  • Guilderland Public Library (New York) showed off a book display focused on important June holidays and commemorations, including Juneteenth, Pride Month, and the anniversary of D-Day.
  • Thayer Memorial Library (Massachusetts) also went with a combined June holiday theme for their children’s book display, with books about Father’s Day, Juneteenth, and summer.
  • Check out this reel St. Joe County Public Library (Indiana) created for a tour of their library’s Juneteenth displays.
  • DeKalb Library (Brooklyn Public Libraries, NYC) shared photos of their Juneteenth and Pride displays.
  • Marlette District Library (Michigan) showed off a summer reading book display, along with an oak tree display, where young summer readers can add their names.
  • Glasgow Libraries (Scotland, United Kingdom) designed a new STEM book display in honor of the Glasgow Science Festival.
  • Gooding Public Library (Idaho) unveiled a new iteration in their Extreme Book Nerd display series with this one that features books with three generations of characters in the story, or books featuring a mom, dad, or grandparent.
  • Nahant Public Library (Massachusetts) is offering a June reading challenge, inviting patrons to read a book that inspired a film or television series, with a display to offer inspiration.
  • Mt. Pleasant Public Library (New York) is celebrating Great Outdoors Month with a display and accompanying booklist.
  • Limavady Library (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom) added new displays celebrating the Euro 2024 football championships and commemorating Loneliness Awareness and Healthy Eating Week.

Three close-up images of book displays

Photos courtesy Glasgow Library, Mt. Pleasant Library, and Guilderland Library on Facebook


Explore this selection of booklists created by libraries and inspired by summer holidays and other events commemorated in the featured book displays.

Three images of audiobooks with the words ‘ Press play and paint’

Audiobook lists

Summer booklists

Immigrant Heritage Month and World Refugee Day

Juneteenth reading lists

Pride Month

Nature and outdoor adventures

Book display inspiration from WebJunction

We hope you’ve found some inspiration to help inform your own displays and booklists and keep your community excited about reading. And if you’d like us to feature your library’s display, let us know via via [email protected], find us on Facebook, or use #EngagedLibraries on your social media posts to share your ideas and stories more widely.