Space Planning

Photo of children's area with chairs, bookshelves and carpet.

Does your library entrance draw people inside? Once inside, what makes people take notice? Can retail space planning ideas help you create an inviting library space? This section will help you plan and design your library space to create a welcoming, healthy, safe and accessible environment.

Self-paced courses and webinar recordings on this topic are freely available in the WebJunction Course Catalog.

Photo: Group3 Planners, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Transforming Library Space for Community Engagement

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

What, after all, are libraries really about? Are libraries mostly about books and study? Or are libraries mostly about community, and the making of things and ideas?

This core question is batted around like a beach ball in a crowd during endle...

Space is Flexible (and Full of Light)

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

Library space, that is. If there is one word that sums up the re-imagination of library space for community engagement in the digital age, it is flexible.

The tension between physical and virtual space surfaces everywhere as technolog...

Rural and Small Libraries Conference: ARSL 2014 Recap

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

What could be better than the best library conference in your own backyard? How about working for an organization that helps sponsor that conference (thank you OCLC), and allows you to present, learn, and network with nearly 400 other people who love...

Libraries and Makers Resources

 Document / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

A document collecting resources on libraries and makers, including books, guides, websites, and links to webinars.

Learning through Playful Exploration with Makerspaces

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

Marshmallow engineering? Robotics? Punk knitting? These creative activities are all examples of recent makerspace events happening at libraries all over the country. Programs like these are all about building community and mixing traditional crafts w...

Stories of Inclusion: Inclusive Practices at Cultural Institutions

 News / Last Modified: 15 May 2017

Although it's been 25 years since the passage of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), there is still much to learn to ensure that your programs and services are fully accessible and inclusive. Don't miss this unique opportunity to attend a thre...

Sustaining Communities, Sustaining Ourselves

 News / Last Modified: 03 May 2017

Aarhus Public Libraries in Aarhus, Denmark, built their new library using a process they call Participatory Democracy in Action. They did so by asking their community the question, "If everything is online, why come to the library at all?" ...

Embracing Principles of Connected Learning

 News / Last Modified: 03 May 2017

The power of teen leadership is at the center of a new report from The Institute of Museum and Library Services on Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums: Transformative Spaces for Teens. Teens empowered to participate, experiment, and colla...

Durable Transformation: Library Spaces Continue to Activate Community

 News / Last Modified: 03 May 2017

Early in 2014, two Washington libraries launched newly transformed areas in the middle of their floor space, replacing static (mostly CD) shelving with dynamic spaces for active community engagement. Working with WebJunction under a grant from the Al...

Big Talk (Ideas, Collaboration, Difference) from Small Libraries 2016

 News / Last Modified: 03 May 2017

The fifth annual Big Talk from Small Libraries online conference was once again a showcase of the great work small libraries do across the United States and Canada. On February 26, 470 attendees from all over North America listened in on 12 speakers ...