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    Helping libraries to be autism-ready

    Imagine a child standing in front of a brightly lit room at their local public library. Lively music is playing, and bubbles are bouncing all around. Children and adults fill the room, talking loudly and playing with toys. Off in the distance is a co...

  • a group of smiling people working together at a table

    Co-creating library services through human-centered design

    Much of the work of co-creation happens before you start to plan a concrete service or program. It’s worth spending the time up front to establish authentic, asset-based relationships and craft a scope that aligns with both community aspirations and ...

  • wj-program-manger

    Request for Proposal: Instructional Design Agency

    OCLC seeks a full-service instructional design agency with instructional designers and multimedia producers to design and create self-paced continuing education courses and supplemental materials. 

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    Free April webinars for library staff

    We hear from library staff that the hardest part of professional development is finding the time to learn. When we share this list of webinars each month, we know that it might be overwhelming, even daunting, to see all the opportunities. We recommen...

  • Summer Reading Club kids reading on steps, British Columbia

    Reading in the balance: Exploring the role of public library in the ‘science of reading’

    Learning to read is neither an innate nor simple process, and recently there has been increased scrutiny on whether schools are effectively preparing children to learn to read. Colloquially referred to as “the reading wars,” this scrutiny has led to ...

  • Stylized text reading: "Join the STAR net community" and three illustrated dancing figures

    Solar eclipse resources and activities for libraries

    It’s eclipse time again! Libraries all over are gearing up to offer activities and resources for community members, and your library is probably no exception. But if you’re still looking for ideas, we’ve got you covered. From interactive workshops to...

  • sensory room with a swing chair, SAD lamp, crash pad, and other sensory items

    Hopkinton Public Library unites community in library planning

    At Hopkinton Public Library in Iowa, community engagement is thriving. And the secret to this success is including community members in in the planning, from beginning to end. From an annual haunted house to community bake-offs, the library incorpora...

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    Align library services with community aspirations

    The most successful library services are often those that help the community meet its aspirations while also honoring the unique purpose of the library. But balancing the community’s goals and the library’s scope is not always an easy task.

  • group of smiling people with four therapy dogs

    Together we heal

    Like many small-town libraries, Jarrell Community Library is an important place for connection. And through a recent Libraries for Heath grant, the library is offering new kinds of connections—to peer mental health specialists and an array of resourc...

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    Webinar series: 12 months to better library data

    The Research Institute for Public Libraries (RIPL) is a national initiative to provide training about data and evaluation to public library workers. While RIPL typically provides in-person trainings, this March it will launch a free, monthly, yearlon...