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  • Diverse BookFinder logo with illustration of kids' heads and the subtitle: 'Identify and explore mutlicultural picure books'

    Inclusive Collections for Supercharged Storytimes

    Storytimes can be transformative for children, offering them the chance to imagine possible futures for themselves. This begins with the stories you include. Look around your community and consider which books in your collection reflect the experienc...

  • Example of sustainable swag: coasters, pens, pencils, straws, and notebooks that are reusable, made with less plastic, or made with sustainable materials. Image courtesy SustainRT Outreach Committee

    Sustainable Swag Self-Evaluation Rubric for Vendors and Library Workers

    Have you ever considered the environmental impact of swag? Whether you're attending a national conference or a local event, you're likely to see examples of pens, tote bags, and trinkets being distributed by libraries and vendors alike. While we all ...

  • Sustainable Libraries Initiative logo

    Programs that Walk the Talk

    Throughout this Climate Action series, we have discussed strategies and practical steps libraries can take toward sustainability, as well as resources to support these efforts. The Sustainable Libraries Initiative can help support a balanced approach...

  • close-up of a person's hands hovering above a laptop keyboard, with the screen reading 'visibility and acknowledgement'

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Leading Staff Learning

    In our work to support library learning, we’re committed to an approach which looks to create and sustain diverse, equitable, inclusive spaces where libraries and communities can thrive. The OCLC 2023 Annual Report features some of our most popular w...

  • I partner with my public library logo with two hands and the subtitle, ‘an award celebrating community collaborators’

    Cardholder Signup: Collecting and Analyzing How Patrons Get Library Cards

    In May 2023, with funding from the Mellon Foundation, Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) launched an 18-month research project to collect and study cardholder signup policies from public libraries across the nation. The project aims to identify the range ...

  • I partner with my public library logo with two hands and the subtitle, ‘an award celebrating community collaborators’

    I Partner with my Public Library Award

    As libraries continue turning outward to communities, the importance of collaboration increases. We not only have to share information about core library services, we also have to share information about how and why we work with community partners on...

  • Two people standing together at a fall farm stand

    Climate Justice

    While everyone is affected by climate change, the impacts of climate change are not evenly distributed. That’s why it’s so crucial to consider the social and economic impact of our environmental choices in our responses to climate change. This articl...

  • Anthropomorphic brain holding a dumbbell with the words 'body and brain'

    Time to Change the “Checklist”: A Toolkit for Reimagining School Readiness

    A literature review of more than 150 research studies indicates that we are missing the mark in preparing our children for school by equating “school readiness” with a finite checklist of academic skills to be mastered by age five. Instead, we should...

  • group of several people in military uniforms chatting and smiling

    Resources for Supporting Veterans and Military-Affiliated Patrons

    Libraries play a vital role in serving the diverse needs of their communities, and one group that often benefits greatly is our nation's Veterans, current military members, and their families. Chances are you’re already doing great work in welcoming ...

  • Sustainable Libraries Initiative logo

    Disaster Preparedness and Community Resilience

    Climate Action Planning requires attention in three main areas: mitigation, adaptation, and climate justice.