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    Free March webinars for library staff

    What's at the top of your learning list? We encourage you to focus an hour or two during the month of March on your learning need. Tackling those skills or knowledge gaps with one of these free webinars is a great way to make learning a priority. The...

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    Align library services with community aspirations

    The most successful library services are often those that help the community meet its aspirations while also honoring the unique purpose of the library. But balancing the community’s goals and the library’s scope is not always an easy task.

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    Together we heal

    Like many small-town libraries, Jarrell Community Library is an important place for connection. And through a recent Libraries for Heath grant, the library is offering new kinds of connections—to peer mental health specialists and an array of resourc...

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    Webinar series: 12 months to better library data

    The Research Institute for Public Libraries (RIPL) is a national initiative to provide training about data and evaluation to public library workers. While RIPL typically provides in-person trainings, this March it will launch a free, monthly, yearlon...

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    Easy as ABCD: Using asset-based community development as a lens for authentic relationship-building

    Building relationships with systematically excluded communities is one of the most important things your library can do to support relevant, meaningful services. Co-creation can help librarians embody our EDISJ (equity, diversity, inclusion, and soci...

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    WebJunction Wrap-Up: 2023 Highlights and Top Picks

    As we ease into another year of learning together, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the projects and accomplishments of the past year and highlight some our most popular courses, webinars, and articles. Whether you chose to take self-paced courses...

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    Survey on Climate and Environmental Health in Libraries

    STAR Net would like to invite you to complete a short survey to inform the design of the 2024 Climate Action Symposium: Exploring Collaborations with Libraries, Community-Based Organizations, and Public Health Agencies.

  • Man and a group of children seated together at a library table doing an art activity

    Centering Community VOICE

    Are you looking to deepen or expand your library’s outreach services for children and families from underserved communities, or would you like to build your library’s outreach efforts but don’t know where to begin? Have you been looking for ways to i...

  • group of thirty members of the ARSL Leadership Institute cohort standing together in front of a building

    ARSL Leadership Institute

    Leadership skills are vital to those who work in small community libraries. That’s why ARSL launched its very own Leadership Institute, with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The program is designed to provide timely, relevan...

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    Stronger Together: Collective Impact and Climate Action

    Climate change is the grandest challenge of our generation. This requires a level of collaboration that has not been seen before.