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Outreach meets community needs with both traditional and new services, in dynamic and changing environments. Whether providing services to those who can't come to the library, or reaching out to those who are underserved, library outreach and community engagement ensures equitable delivery of library services to all people.

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Public Library Outreach Makes Magic

 News / Last Modified: 24 May 2017

I have a theory that there is a little bit of magic involved in public library community outreach programs. I don’t believe that the magic is a component of making a good community outreach program. Rather, I believe the magic comes after. It is what...

Libraries are Development

 News / Last Modified: 24 May 2017

Around the globe, libraries are a force to be reckoned with. A recent webinar highlighted cutting-edge libraries in developing and transitioning countries that are empowering their communities to achieve local goals. Presenters Bill Cartwright, Presi...

Great Ideas for Innovative Community Engagement

 News / Last Modified: 24 May 2017

A recent Huffington Post article tells of a Facebook experiment that spawned over 150 community-generated ideas on the future of Miami's libraries. Rebecca Fishman Lipsey and Francine Madera, in 100 Great Ideas for the Future of Libraries -- A Ne...

February Poll Results: Libraries and Civic Engagement

 News / Last Modified: 24 May 2017

In our February 2016 WebJunction Crossroads poll, we explored the ways in which public libraries support civic engagement. This concept has been applied in a number of different ways, ranging from services and programs for newcomers, resources for vo...