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Learning Together the Supercharged Way

Publish Date: News / 27 December 2018

Learning in a group can provide that motivation to stick with a course through to completion. It can be incredibly satisfying and enriching to work through course material with a group of co-learners, acquiring a common language about a subject, disc...

Managing Conflict for Supervisor Success

Publish Date: News / 12 December 2018

Conflict inevitably arises in any workplace - it's just what happens when people work together, mingle their personalities, and encounter stresses. The Managing Conflict for Supervisor Success curriculum will help supervisors build skills to improve ...

Learn Free with the Goodwill Community Foundation

Publish Date: News / 4 October 2017

Next time you drop your yard sale rejects off at the local Goodwill, take a moment to think about what they do with the proceeds from their retail stores. You may be surprised to find out about the numerous programs they support that provide educatio...

Design for Learning - All Seven Modules Now Available!

Publish Date: News / 19 September 2017

Online learning opens up a world of opportunity for learners, and having engaging courses and prepared trainers are essential to a successful experience. Designing and facilitating online learning are skills that require solid teaching fundamentals, ...

Learning Together: WebJunction Webinar at Library In-Service Training

Publish Date: News / 22 August 2017

WebJunction provides certificates for viewing our webinars, whether attending live or accessing recordings in our Course Catalog. We also offer certificates to those attending as a group. When registering for an upcoming webinar, you can indicate you...

Reading Conversations: RA for All Library Staff

Publish Date: News / 18 July 2016

With a new strategic goal to focus on increasing patron access to and engagement with books and reading, the Whatcom County Library System (WCLS) in Northwestern Washington embarked on an ambitious effort to get all of their staff ready and eager to ...

Anytime + Anywhere = Never: Motivating the Self-Directed Learner

Publish Date: News / 7 July 2016

We all aspire to be lifelong learners, especially in service of our library patrons. And we have all hit the snag of "anytime + anywhere = never" ― the reality that unlimited access, unbounded time and lack of external motivators in self-di...

Scout: A Community Self-Directed Learning Project

Publish Date: News / 27 June 2016

Pierce County Library recognized that its customers welcome learning opportunities not only in school and work settings, but also at play.  Games-based learning is a way to bridge the world of formal and important informal learning that takes in...