Workforce Services


This section includes resources to help your library provide services and support to job seekers, small business and entrepreneurial start-ups, and the unemployed. Browse the Materials section for resources to create localized staff training session on workforce services in your library or region. Many of the resources here were collected as part of the IMLS-funded Project Compass, a national initiative to support public libraries' services to the struggling workforce.

See also the Project Compass Curriculum Workbook and Materials.

Most Recently Added

Helping Washington Libraries in Hard Times

 Webinar / Last Modified: 26 August 2014

Archive and associated resources for February 10, 2010, session with Jennifer Fenton, Kirsten Furl and Ahniwa Ferrari as part of the Technology Essentials 2010, online conference.

Museums, Libraries, and 21st-Century Skills

 Webinar / Last Modified: 25 August 2014

Archive and associated resources for December 1, 2010, session with Mary Chute as part of Serving the 21st Century Patron 2010, online conference.