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Successful trainers spend their whole career collecting and sharing tips and techniques for improving delivery of training. We’re all focused on the best outcomes for our learners. Whether your delivery is face-to-face or live-online, find and share your great ideas here. Whether developing training for staff or patrons, you'll find tools for instructional design, online and blended learing, tutorial design and training strategies of all kinds.

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Readymade Course Content

 Document / Last Modified: 01 September 2015

This article describes the technical approaches to capturing the content for each model. Each model links to an example of a fully-developed course, which will give you ideas about how to augment the core content.

SCEC: Final Courses

 Document / Last Modified: 29 April 2015

The final courses created by SCEC participants. Course summaries include descriptions, objectives, designers, subject matter experts, and other information.

10 Steps to Promote Learning in Your Conference Presentation

 Document / Last Modified: 06 January 2015

I believe the goal of presenting should be to a create a change in the listener; a change of behavior, thinking and/or feeling. Any good teacher or trainer will tell you that to be effective in creating that change, you must begin with the lea...

The Fast Train to Course Creation

 News / Last Modified: 03 November 2014

You could say that every grant project we embark on at WebJunction is an ambitious reach to explore new library learning territory that takes us beyond our comfort zone. A notable difference with the Strengthening CE Content for Libraries grant (fund...

Online Conference: Cohort Attendee Feedback

 Document / Last Modified: 23 October 2014

Following the Technology Essentials 2010 online conference, Kelli Staley of the Lansing Public Library collected feedback from staff on their experience attending the conference as a cohort.