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Are you looking for the right policy to handle a specific need in your library? This section addresses everything from computer to privacy policies - and we're always looking for new content. We know that seeing examples and reading how other libraries have successfully implemented a policy, or how they have handled challenges, are great starting points for others looking to do the same.

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ACPL Social Media Policies

 Document / Last Modified: 03 June 2013

Albany County Public Library (WY) shares their social media policies. These policies were developed by the Public Relations Coordinator, Caitlin White, and approved by the board. Thanks to Public Services Librarian, Kathy Marquis, for sharing.

Wireless Access Policy

 Document / Last Modified: 26 January 2012

Overview, examples and checklist of policies for wireless access

Sample Gift Acceptance Policy

 Document / Last Modified: 26 January 2012

This sample gift acceptance policy for a library foundation board was created in conjunction with the webcourse 'WebJunction's Fundraising for Libraries,' or it can be used for your own foundation board.

Library Staff Acceptable Use Policy

 Document / Last Modified: 26 January 2012

Policy for staff's use of electronic communications of any kind, including email, IM, telephone, cell phones.

Howard County Library WiFi Policy

 Document / Last Modified: 26 January 2012

A friendly and informative handout helping staff support wireless patron computing, from a suburban Maryland library.

Filter Schmilter: Libraries and Internet Filtering Software

 Document / Last Modified: 26 January 2012

Since the use of filtering software for library computer terminals has become a subject of debate, the pros and cons of incorporating this software within library technology must be closely examined and weighed along with the traditional responsibili...

CIPA: Key Issues for Decision Makers

 Document / Last Modified: 26 January 2012

CIPA policy expert Bob Bocher (WJ username: wis bob) and Mary Minow, library law consultant and attorney, offer a summary of CIPA issues to consider. Included: filter disabling, the issue of patrons' computers, and definitions of key l...